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Carports are a great way to protect your vehicles from all of Australia’s weather extremes and you have so many carport designs in Australia to choose between. People can use carports to store cars, boats, motorcycles, garden equipment or use them as patios. This article will cover some of the most common types of carport designs and a few less common. All are available through Car Covers and shelter so decide which one best suit your needs best and give us a call!

Carport Design

Carports are structures that provide protection for vehicles. A carport is usually built over a driveway and is made of steel or aluminium. The roof in Australia is normally Colorbond steel with maybe a couple of polycarbonate see-through sheets. The beautiful Cantaport series uses a very special polycarbonate roof which is as strong as Colorbond. 

Carports come in all sizes and shapes, but they all have one thing in common: they keep your car safe from hail, rain, snow, wind, and other harsh conditions.

Carport Roof

With carports, it is usually the shape or design of the roof that gives it its name or description. Below you can see the choices you have.

Gable Carport Designs - Carport Designs Australia

Gable carports are a popular design. All sizes of gable carport can be made and they can allow a longer opening span to avoid additional posts. The pitch on both sides of the roof means that very little maintenance is necessary so they tend to look after themselves.

Carport Designs Australia - installing a carport

Gable carports can be designed with the triangular shaped gable in the front or back left open or it can be closed in. An open gable allows ventilation and light into your carport, which can make it more comfortable to work in but an in-fill gable carport offers more all-round protection.

Pitch Roof Carport

A Pitched roof carport is just another name for a Gable Roof Carport. More information above.

Dutch Gable Carport

Looking for a simple, traditional design that will complement your home and garden? The Dutch Gable Carport is the perfect choice.

This type of carport features a gable roof and two sides. It is a cross between a gable carport and a hip roof carport. Many homes in Australia have a Dutch Gable roof design so a Dutch Gable carport is a popular choice for people who want to match their new carport to their home.

Hipped Roof Carport

The hipped roof carport design is a great option for those who want a carport that is more aesthetically pleasing than a traditional flat roof carport. Hipped roofs are also great for those who live in cyclonic areas, as they tend to withstand the winds better than gable or flat roofs.

The hip roof usually has a 20 degree plus pitch and each of the four roof faces are triangular meeting at a single point at the top. Hip Roof Carports are very easy maintenance and add aesthetically to any property.

Gable and Hip roof Carport Design

A few customers can see the need to have a half gable roof and half hip roof. It can work very well in many homes where the gable end is adjacent to the home and the street view of the carport looks like a hip roof.  

Skillion Roof Carport Designs

Skillion roof carports are the most popular option for any space. A Skillion Roof carport is the same as a Flat roof Carport. The roof is flat, but it has a two-to-five-degree pitch to allow water run-off. The job done quickly and effectively and they're easy to install and maintain.

Skillion roof carports are also cost-effective because they require less material than other types of carport designs.  

Tandem carport

The tandem carport is a two-car carport so it's basically a long carport to allow the second vehicle to park behind the first one. This design can be seen often in Australia. Most homes don’t have the width in the driveway for a double carport but do have length for a tandem carport. 

Cantilever Carport - Carport Designs Australia

The cantilever carport cantilevers out from usually two posts into the air, unsupported on one side. Cantaport is a precision engineered design from Japan, offering a range of cantilever carports with flat or curved roofs. These can be joined together to form Tandem Carports, Dome Carports or Gull Wing Carports.

Dome carport – Curved roof Carport

The dome carport has a dome-shaped roof. It's made by attaching two curved roof cantilever

Carport Designs Australia - Tadem carport

carports together to form a dome. The dome roof can also be used as a patio or other shade area.

Gull Wing Carport

The gull wing carport is another type of carport made from attaching two Cantilever carports from the centre. This allows the cantilever to go out from the centre forming a gull-wing shape.

Summary - Carport Designs Australia

There are many different carports designs available, each with their own advantages. A carport can be used for many other purposes such as a garden patio. It's also a great way to protect your vehicles from the weather. This is especially important if you live in an area that gets lots of hailstorms during summer months. If you have limited space around your home and want more covered area, then installing a carport could be ideal for you!

If you're looking for a way to protect your vehicles from the elements and make it look great, then a carport is the perfect solution. The designs we've shown here will give you some ideas on your best options to increase the value of your home and add that necessary extra covered space. They are also all DIY for people with some DIY skills. All have excellent plans and video to assist with installation.

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