Carports in Australia: The Ultimate Solution for Outdoor Vehicle Protection

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Protecting your car from the elements is extremely important so you will find Carports in Australia: The Ultimate Solution for Outdoor Vehicle Protection helpful. Whether you realise it or not, exposing your car to elements like rain, hail and snow, or intense sunshine can have a detrimental effect on your vehicle. You may have parts that will rust, paint that will fade, or leather that will crack from exposure to the elements. No one wants that for their vehicles.

Garages, however, can be more expensive, making them inaccessible to many people because of the cost. Not every home even has the capability or capacity to have an attached garage, but you shouldn’t have to allow your vehicles to sit in the elements because of that. This is why having a carport in Australia, especially, is something to consider. 

What is a Carport?

In short, a carport is essentially a structure that can cover and protect your vehicle. This structure can be freestanding, but it can also be attached to your home or any other structure around, like a retaining wall, a high fence, etc. It is difficult to have an attached structure in Australia which complies with the Australian Standards as the connection is difficult for an engineer to verify. A free-standing carport is always the best option to ensure a compliant installation. Typically, carports don’t have doors and tend to be open on most if not all sides. 

How Can a Carport Benefit Me?

Having a carport in Australia can help you maintain the integrity of your vehicle. Carports can help to protect your vehicle from the elements. This ensures that parts of your vehicle won’t rust, fade, or crack as quickly or easily. The sun will quickly damage ant vehicle without proper protection. They can also benefit you, the driver, by offering protection from the elements as you get into your vehicle. When your car isn’t there, they can also function as a fun hangout space or Patio with built-in shade. There are so many possibilities!

What Kinds of Carports Are Available? Carports in Australia: The Ultimate Solution for Outdoor Vehicle Protection

Depending on what you’re most looking for in your carport, you’ll enjoy a wide range of styles. There are plenty for you to choose from. Some carports can be almost fully enclosed while others are open on all

Carports in Australia: The Ultimate Solution for Outdoor Vehicle Protection - Lysaght Carports

sides. Other carports are created from steel while others use tough fabric canopies. There are even options for choosing the size of your carport. You can find exactly what you’re looking for in any size. Are you more interested in a single-vehicle carport? Also double-vehicle carport or a Multi vehicle carports,   are all options.

The most important question to ask yourself is what use you anticipate getting out of your carport. If your area gets a lot of rain or extreme weather, you may want to invest in a steel carport as opposed to a fabric one. A steel carport will also add value to your home whereas there is little value-add in a fabric roof. If you’re planning to store something like a boat or a motorhome, you’ll likely want one with a taller clearance, as opposed to one you’re using to cover a vehicle. 

Car Covers and Shelter - Carports in Australia: The Ultimate Solution for Outdoor Vehicle Protection

If you’re looking for customised but affordable carport kits in Australia, then you don’t need to look any further than Car Covers and Shelter. Most of our carports are created to order so that you know that you’re getting a carport that is handcrafted by some of the best in the business. Off-the-shelf carports are available but there are strict limitations on any customisation with the dimensions and colours available.

Having a carport in Australia has never been more accessible than with Car Covers and Shelter. Check out our website today and you will see there’s a style of carport that will suit you. 

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