Portable Carports: The Solution for Temporary or Permanent Vehicle Protection

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When it’s raining, cold, windy, extremely hot or any other kind of weather phenomenon, Portable Carports: The Solution for Temporary or Permanent Vehicle Protection may be the answer to, getting to your car without a struggle. This is especially true if you’re one of the millions of people who doesn’t have any kind of covering to protect their car. Not only is this rough on you as you try to make your way to your car through terrible weather, but it’s also rough on your car. Your car can sustain serious wear and tear when left out in the elements. Sometimes, the damage can be so bad, your car becomes a write-off.

Portable Carports: The Solution for Temporary or Permanent Vehicle Protection - Portable Shade tent

This is where a portable carport can come in handy. Crafted to the rough specifications of your car, these carports are portable enough to move wherever you need them to be but are permanent enough to provide a solid storage solution for your vehicle in the long term.

Save Money with a Budget Carport instead of a fully Portable Carport 

A Portable Carport has a few great advantages but unfortunately they are expensive. For the sake of another couple of hours of work, many customers would be much better off buying the semi-permanent Budget Carports. The Budget carport range is half the price of a portable carport and doesn’t take much longer to install.  

Portable Carports are More Affordable Than a Garage

Buying a home with a garage—or adding a garage to your existing home—can be quite expensive. However, using a moveable structure is a cost-effective solution that not only looks great, but can also provide the car protection you need. If you intend moving a lot, a portable carport may be the way to go but for longer stays, build a permanent structure for around the same price.

Additionally, because carports don’t have any moving parts like a garage does, there’s less of a maintenance cost in case something does happen to your carport. 

Temporary or Permanent

One perk of having a portable carport is that the structure can either be temporary or permanent–it’s up to you. Because these are built with longevity in mind, they can be a temporary solution to your car storage problem. Alternatively, you can firmly affix them to the ground to function as a permanent garage area. No matter what you choose, you will know that your vehicle has much more protection than before. It must be noted that one of these fixed permanently will almost certainly require council approval. A truly temporary structure may not require approval, but you should always check.

Portable Carports Add little to the value of your home.

A disadvantage of a portable carport is that they are unlikely to add value to your home. It is a semi-permanent structure at best and so will probably not add as much as a garden shed!  A Good quality permanent carport will add more than you spend on installing it to the value of your home. A permanent carport is a worthwhile investment.

Multiple Uses 

Not only do portable carports provide great vehicle protection, but they can also be used for other things. Backing the car out gives you a wide open covered space. This is perfect for adding a little bit of extra shade into your yard on those hot summer days. Get some cold drinks, a kiddie pool, and relax in your ready-made shady area. Don’t forget to put your car back underneath the carport when you’re done. Withour something to cover, your portable carport can’t do its job. 

Car Covers and Shelter  Portable Carports: The Solution for Temporary or Permanent Vehicle Protection 

In Australia, carports can be extremely valuable to help you deal with all kinds of situations. Portable carports can help protect you and your car from the weather, animals, and more! Why not invest in something that can help to prevent long-term damage to your car when a garage is inaccessible?

Contact Car Covers and Shelter today to see what we can offer you. All of our permanent and portable carports are made to spec for your use and model of your vehicle. You can rest assured that you’re going to have a high-quality portable carport for whatever vehicle you have or a tailor-made permanent carport. Check out what we’ve got today to see how you can better protect your vehicle!

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