Creative Uses for Carports

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A carport can be used for a lot more than car protection so let’s look at some creative uses for carports. A carport is a covered structure that can house cars and other vehicles offering protection from the sun and weather. They are usually used as a storage area for vehicles, but they can also be used for many other purposes. Here are some creative uses for carports.

Kit carport personal Gym area

Carports can be used as a personal gym area. Think about having a cooler Gable Roof carport or Hip Roof carport to allow a cooler environment.

Creative Uses for Carports - a shady Cantaport

If you are one of those people who would like to work out in the comfort of their own home but have no space for a decent sized gym, then a kit carport can be the perfect solution. The carport kit can be used as an outdoor covered patio or play area for children and pets. If you're looking at getting fit and healthy, then this is something worth considering!

Play Area for Children - Creative Uses for Carports

A carport can be used to create a play area for children. Children should always be supervised, even in a safe area, when they are playing. A carport is a great way to provide them with fun and safe entertainment. It will protect them from the severe Australian sun and even on rainy days they have an outdoor play area.. A roof that allows more airflow; a Gable Roof Carport or a Hip roof Carport is worth the extra investment.

You can add slides, swings, monkey bars and other things that will make them excited. Coming out of the house on a very hot or rainy day can be fun! If you have enough space in your backyard, then consider adding a patio kit playhouse for them as well!

Pet Shelter

You want to keep your pets safe from the elements but not stuck in a small kennel. A carport can be used as your pet shelter. You can also use your carport for smaller animals like rabbits or birds who might not be able to handle the beating sun on their hutch or Avery.   

Outdoor Covered patio - Creative Uses for Carports

If you want to use the carport as an outdoor covered patio, your carport will be large enough for the purpose. A carport with some chairs and a table is the same as many patios. You may also want to consider adding awnings or other features to make it more ‘comfortable’. You should not, however, add permanent Colorbond or solid sides as this extra weight and additional wind-catching surface can make a carport dangerous. Most carports are only built to support their own weight and are designed and certified to have open sides.

Ideas for Your Patio Kit Carport

  • Set up a picnic table. Picnic tables are a great way to add seating and space for eating, but you'll need more than just a table and chairs if you want to have fun with your friends or family. Use a colourful umbrella, string lights and even plants for an inviting environment that makes everyone feel right at home!
  • Set up a Barbie. Barbies are the perfect tool for cooking food outdoors so wheel round the Barbie and give your kit carport the friendly feel.

Carport kit Outdoor Workspace and Storage

  • A kit carport can be ideal for hobbies and crafts. If you're an avid gardener, woodworker or artist, a carport can be the perfect location for your activities.
    Creative Uses for Carports - Dutch Gable carport keeps things cooler
  • A sheltered space is ideal for gardeners who want to grow from seed. It can make a great potting area. 
  • Outdoor workspace for painting: If you enjoy painting but don't have enough room in your home, consider bringing your easel outdoors under a carport roof.

Solar Energy source – Charging Station from your Kit Carport

The solar panel can be added to the roof of Professional Choice Carports. Most carports in Australia will not be strong enough to take the additional weight of solar panels. Solar energy can be stored in batteries for your new charging station or use whenever you need it.

Garden Equipment Storage

Your kit carport can be used to store gardening tools, or as a place to sit and relax on warm days. For more security, have a metal lock-up in the corner of the carport to secure more valuable items.

Summary - Creative Uses for Carport

A carport kit can be used for a wide variety of things apart from the obvious covered space for your vehicles. A covered patio and even an outdoor entertaining space, a garden patio, is just a carport being used for another purpose! If you are thinking about buying a kit carport, consider what you might want from one before you begin shopping. Think about the uses and think about the roof design. You may want better airflow than is offered by a Skillion Carport Kit. A Gable Carport Kit or a Hip roof Carport kit can look a lot more attractive and increase the airflow keeping the carport area cool.

Main Advantages of using a carport

  • Keeping your vehicles out of the intense Australian direct sunlight will help keep their interiors in good condition. UV light is very destructive on vehicle interiors. It can also help to keep your vehicles cooler during hot weather. In a few areas of Australia, that extra covered parking in the winter can keep cars warm and sheltered from snow and ice!  
  • Do you want to use a carport as an extension of your home? A carport can serve as an extension of your home in several ways: First off all it provides shade during hot summer days when opening windows just isn't enough; secondly, they can provide some privacy so people passing by may not see into them.

If you're looking to get a carport, there are many different options available. You can choose a less expensive Skillion Carport, a Gable roof Carport, A Dutch Gable Carport, or a Hip Roof carport. Whatever type of structure you decide on, make sure it fits your needs and lifestyle and it will probably last you the rest of your life.

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