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Kit Carports and Carport Kit Prices vary enormously. A kit carport is a carport that is sold in a kit form and can be installed by the purchaser. There are many companies that sell kit carports in Australia.

The lowest price for a kit carport is around $1300 and the highest price could be anything for a huge carport. The price will depend on the type of roof you choose and the size of the kit. The cheapest kits will be made overseas with cheaper overseas steel and many of these will not be up to Australian Building Standards. The next cheapest will be made in Australia with imported steel, usually mild steel, and not the much stronger Australian High Tensile steel.

If you are in the market for a carport, then you should consider a kit carport. In this article, we will look at the benefits of kit carports and the prices of kit carports.

What is a kit carport?

There are really two types of Kit Carports. The most common and the best value is a carport kit that comes with everything you need to install. It is not prefabricated but you will find almost all pieces are cut to size and all holes have been drilled for easy assembly.

Kit Carports and Carport Kit Prices - Kit carport being installed

The second type tends to be more expensive for an equivalent size and style. These are prefabricated in the factory. Typically, more expensive ‘portable carports’ are of this type. This should explain why they are often more expensive to comparable kit carport products.

Kitset Carports Content

A kit carport kit is a kit that includes all the materials and instructions needed for you to install a carport. It is a do-it-yourself carport. Usually, the kit includes everything you need - from structure components, screws, brackets, and connectors and even silicone sealant for gutter joints.

Most kits come either prefabricated or in pre-cut and drilled parts. This makes them perfect for a variety of applications apart from car storage. A kit carport can make an excellent garden patio or outdoor covered entertainment area. Most Australian made carport kits also come with a minimum 15-year warranty but expect 20-25 years from a carport made from all Australian Steel.

A Kit Carport is a wonderful way to save money by installing the carport yourself. It's also a fantastic way to add extra protection and storage to your property without the expense of a complete garage. With the right kit and some basic handyperson skills, you can easily construct a small carport in an afternoon or two.

Tools needed to Build your Kitset Carport

The most basic tool you require to install a carport at your home are: -

  • An electric Drill preferably cordless
  • Spirit Level
  • Hammer Drill – for concrete drilling when you are using on-slab type brackets
    Angle grinder with metal cutting disc
    Tape Measure
  • Markers, Pens, and Pencils
    Some Sockets and Spanners
    Rivet Gun
  • Ladder and preferably trestles
  • Tin snips
    Silicone gun and silicone – for sealing of guttering (often supplied with kit)

Please remember to use Safety Gear. Ideally you should have steel cap boots, safety eyewear, ear protection and gloves.

Kit Carport Skillion – (Kit Carport Flat roof) – From $1309.00

The Skillion carport is the least expensive to buy and usually the easiest to install.

The least expensive is the Budget Flat roof Carport. Made in Australia from imported steel but it comes with a 15-year warranty. It is also available as a double carport or a single carport.

It is a prefabricated kit carport, everything you need for a sturdy structure is provided including silicone. All the components are ready to bolt or screw together. This kit carport is supplied with base plates, so it must be installed on top of an existing concrete pad.

Lysaght Lite Single Kit Carport – From $2361, Delivered to your home.

The Lysaght Lite is an Australian-made carport. It is 100% Australian steel and has a BlueScope 20-year warranty and comes with an installation video and an instructions manual. All parts are pre-cut and pre-drilled, so it is simple to install.  Base plates can be added in some areas but it is designed for in-ground installation. A double 6 x 6 version is also available as is a version for cyclonic areas.

Professional Choice Skillion Carports – From Under $4000

With these carports, your design choices are endless. These are simply the best quality carports available in Australia. Each one is individually designed to your exact specifications. They are available in any Colorbond colour(s) and supplied with or without base plates. A small increase in strength cab allow Solar panels to be added to the Professional Choice Skillion kit carport. The reasonable quality Lysaght Lite Kit Carports above are around 40% less mass than the same size in a Professional Choice design.

Cantilever Kit Carports by Cantaport – From $4049.00

These spectacular looking carports are becoming extremely popular in Australia. Included in the kit carport is Everything you

Kit Carports and Carport Kit Prices - Cantaport kit carport in silver

need, including silicon!These can be joined together to make double or multi-bay carports. If you want a cool, shady area in your garden, a Cantaport makes a superb Patio or pool shade area.

Kitset Carport Gable Roof – From $3559.00

When it comes to kitset carports, the gable style is an extremely popular option. It offers a classic and eye-catching look, which is why many Australians choose to construct it on their properties.

In terms of construction, a kit gable carport is easy to assemble and requires basic handyperson skills. It’s important to note that larger structures will require a couple of extra hands to help.

The least expensive Gable is the Budget Gable carport. Made in Australia from imported steel. It comes with a 15-year warranty and is available as a double carport or a single carport.

The Professional Choice Gable Kit Carports are simply the best quality Gable Roof carports available in Australia. Each one is individually designed to your exact specifications. They can be supplied in any Colorbond colour(s), supplied with or without base plates. They can also be made to hold solar panels on the roof.

The main advantages of this kit carport style are the aesthetically pleasing way it looks. It’s also possible to construct a traditional gable carport with a choice of pitch-sloped roof. This way, you can match it with the existing look of your home.

Kit Carport Dutch Gable From $5495 - Kit Carports and Carport Kit Prices

The Dutch gable roof carport is an Australian classic. It is one of the more expensive roof styles, but it tends to be the style that matches the roof profile of millions of Australian homes. The Dutch gable is half hip roof with a gable upper section. Exact dimensions to suit you and colour choice is always part of your Dutch Gable carport purchase. A real Aussie favourite.

Kitset Carport Hip Roof From $4100 for a small Patio

The hip kit carport is another popular option for homeowners who want to add a carport to their property. It provides the same benefits as a gable carport, with an angled roof style that adds an extra level of style and sophistication. Each roof face tends to be a triangular shape, meeting in a point at the apex. Hip Roof are particularly strong and excellent for cyclonic areas.

This type of carport requires more handyperson skills, but the result is worth it.   

What are the benefits of a Kit Carport?

Kit Carports provide a variety of benefits, including convenience, protection, value, and flexibility.

Convenience - A carport kit is an uncomplicated way to add extra protection and storage to your property. Unlike other construction projects, carport kits can typically be installed quickly and easily, depending on your skillset and the difficulty of the project. A carport kits will contain all you need to install a carport. Steel is all cut and drilled and, they can be installed just like a big Meccano set.

Protection - A carport kit will help protect your vehicles, tools and equipment, lawn furniture, and other items, so you’ll be able to extend the life of these items and save money.

Value - Carport kits are affordable, making them a great option for anyone who is looking for a cost-effective way to expand their covered property areas.

Flexibility - Carport kits come in a variety of styles and sizes to fit your unique needs and budget. There are a wide range of designs and colours to choose from, so you’re sure to find one that meets your requirements. You can also adjust the size and style of your carport to match the architecture and design of your home.

 Summary - Kit Carports and Carport Kit Prices

You can design exactly what you want in a kit carport. You will find that they can be installed as a DIY project which will save you thousands of dollars. They are inexpensive and all you must add to the kit is a concrete slab or base.  Hiring a professional to install the carport will be more expensive than doing it yourself; however, this might be the best option if you’re not confident in your own abilities.


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