Four Popular Carport Roof Types

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A carport does not need to be a boring flat roof so let’s look at four popular carport roof types and their advantages. Carports are roof structures that provide protection and shelter outside. The most common carport is quite simply a flat roof structure with columns and beams. The roof is usually at a pitch to allow water to run off, so it is a Skillion roof rather than a flat roof.

Today these structures can be customized to fit just about any need you may have for outside shelter for yourself or your vehicles. Carports can offer so much more than just shelter from the elements for your vehicles, carports today can be stylish entertainment areas or patios.   

By looking at the four most popular carport roof types we will give you an understanding of what they are and how it will benefit you if you decide that one of these is the right choice for your needs

Building Carports - Four Popular Carport Roof Types

With the popularity of carport kits, there are many different roof styles available. The most popular of these styles are flat, gable, Dutch Gable, and hip roof carports. While a flat carport roof is inexpensive it does have disadvantages that other styles do not have. These other styles can provide more protection from sun and rain as well as being more aesthetically pleasing. A flat carport roof should only be purchased when the owner wants to save money or prefers a simple look. Choosing another style will make your carport more expensive but will give you the advantage of having a much better-looking structure. Thiscan add thousands to the value of your property. Professional Choice Carports come with the very best, easy to follow, engineering drawings. These come complete with video links to every joint to assist with the installation.


A carport is a terrific addition to any home. It can provide you with the additional space you need for parking your vehicle, as well as keep your car dry in rainy weather. A carport with a table and chairs underneath can be described as a patio. Maybe you want an entertainment area or just a pool shade if installed over the swimming pool? 

If you’re considering purchasing a carport, then you will want to consider the type of roof it has first. Here are four popular carport types with their advantages and disadvantages:

Gable Roof Carport

One of the most popular carport roof styles is the gable roof. This style allows for easy construction, modification, and a longer span between posts.

Four Popular Carport Roof Types - Gable roof carport

Gable roofs are typically made up of two sides that slope downward in an upside-down V shape. When you look at it from above, you can see that each side has three sections: an upper edge (or eaves), middle section (or ridge), and lower edge (or fascia). The eaves often extend past the bottom of your walls by several centimetres, so they'll protect them from rainwater, hailstones, or snow melt when it snows. The ridge sits directly above where both roof sides meet at their peaks. This provides extra support for your structure's frame.

3 Bay Carport – Gable roof may be best.

Normally a maximum span between two supporting posts is around 9m. A Gable roof will allow for the posts to be much further apart. A ‘standard” gable roof leaves the ends, (the upside-down V shape), open. An infill gable allows either one end or both ends to be covered. Often a gable carport kit is supplied with in fill frames only which allows the owner to choose the infill material. This material could be wooden lattice, cement board or slats to match some other feature in the existing home.

Dutch Gable Carport

Dutch gable carports are extremely popular in Australia. A majority of homes tend to have a Dutch gable on the roof so to achieve an excellent match to the existing home, Dutch Gable roof styles are popular. They are not difficult to install, but not as simple as flat roof styles. The two steep

Four Popular Carport Roof Types - Dutch Gable Carport

sloping sides allow easy water runoff, which is perfect for Australian weather conditions. The additional small centre gable on a Dutch Gable Carport gives another area which can be colour-matched to the existing home. These are also, like a gable roof carport, minimal maintenance as any debris is easily washed from the pitched side roofs.

Hip Roof Carport

The hip roof carport is a popular carport roof style for cyclonic areas because of its strength and stability. Many homes are built in cyclonic areas with a hip roof so again, it often is a sensible choice for a

Four Popular Carport Roof Types - hip roof carport

carport roof to match the existing style of roof on the home. A Hip roof is quite easy to install and maintenance, again, is low as the four steep sides allow easy discard of any debris that may fall on the roof. Hip roofs tend to be the most expensive roof style because extra materials are used to create the roof shape.

Flat Roof Style Carport

The flat roof style carport is the most popular, and for good reason. It's easy to install and the least expensive. However, it's also the least attractive of all four styles, the “plain Jane” of designs. As stated before, the roof always has a small pitch of between 2 and 5 degrees, so it is not actually ‘flat’. This is why we call it a Skillion roof Carport.

An addition to Four Popular Carport Roof Types

Carport usually have at least four legs, but you can also buy a Cantilever carport. The cantilever carport has legs on only one side, usually just two legs. Our Cantaports, precision made

Curved roof cantaport

Japanese cantilever carports, also allow for a curved roof carport. You can find out all about the Cantaport range by clicking here.

Summary - Four Popular Carport Roof Types

These are the four most popular carport roof styles: -

  • The gable roof carport is a very popular type of carport. This style features two equal sides and a slanted roof, with the ridge in the roof centre.
  • Dutch Gable Carport is a variation of a gable carport. It is actually a hip roof at the bottom of the roof changing to a gable roof at the top half.
  • A Hip Roof Carport has four triangular shaped sloped roof panels. These usually meet at a single high point on the roof.
  • Flat Roof Carport is the most common because of the ease of installation and it is the least expensive design to buy.

There are many different types of carport roofs to choose from. The four we've discussed above are just some of the most popular options. If you want to know more about other styles, contact us today! We'll be happy to help answer any questions you may have about your project or give advice on what type of roof will work best for your needs.



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