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It is particularly important to protect your car from the Australian climate whither its destructive UV rays from the sun, rain or hail so have a look at automobile covers available to you. If you are looking for good car covers for Australia, you may have come to the right place. We are here to help you find the best automobile cover for your needs. In this article we will give you our top picks for the best-selling car covers for different types of vehicles.

Automobile Covers

Automobile covers are a terrific way to protect your car's paint job, interior and exterior. They also help prevent damage from rain, tree and animal debris and hail. In addition to protecting your

Automobile Covers - a selection from Car Covers and Shelter

vehicle from the elements, they can provide protection against bat and bird droppings as well.

To choose the right cover for your needs, you should consider the following:

What are you trying to protect your vehicle from?

What type of material do you want?

How much will it cost?

Will it fit my car?

Let's look at each of these questions individually so that when it comes time for shopping around for one yourself or buying one as a gift, there won't be any surprises!

Auto Hail covers

Auto hail covers are designed to protect vehicles from hail. They can be used to protect other assets, such as a boat, motorcycle, or garden furniture.

These auto covers come with a one-year warranty and are quite easy to install by simply placing them over the roof of your vehicle and folding them out. They have an elastic edging to hold them firmly in place and a strap that goes around the front and back of your vehicle so there's no need for any extra hardware to hold them in place. The auto hail covers fit sedans, SUV’s, hatchbacks, and Utes. While all the hail covers have UV protection and are waterproof, their primary function is to protect against hailstorms and are not primarily made to protect against rain and UV rays. They will last for years if looked after properly and not left in Australia’s intense sun and heat for prolonged periods as this can break down the waterproof membrane.

Best Car Covers

A car cover is an essential accessory for any vehicle owner. It protects your car from the elements and helps maintain its value over time. The best car covers are made from the best materials, so they can last a long time, even with repeated use. To find out more about car cover materials have a read here. They're also easy to use and store, which means you won't have any problems with them when it comes time to transport your vehicle. Hail protection covers, remember, are padded and can take up quite a lot of space in your boot.

Car Covers for Sale - What to Look for In a Cover

When shopping around for car covers, there are some key features that you should keep in mind. The main thing is to buy a cover that is manufactured in the correct shape for your vehicle.

The best-selling, and therefore the most popular automobiles in Australia are now Double Can Utes and SUV’s. The days of the Ford and Holden sedans dominating Australian car sales are now long-gone. Look at what is available for your style of vehicle: -

Ute Car Covers

The best Ute cover for your vehicle will protect it from hail and other weather damage. It also allows you to cover the entire vehicle, so if there's a chance of hail, this is the way to go.

You will find a Hail cover to fit all but the very largest Utes here: -

Ultimate Double Cab Ute hail cover

The largest Sedan covers in Premium and Ultimate Hail Cover ranges will fit most single cab Utes.

There are also all-weather Ute Cover options below: -

Stormguard Ute Covers

Or if you have a larger double cab Ute this will be your choice: -

Stormguard Double Cab Ute or Truck cover

To ensure that a cover fits securely over your UTE or truck they will have elastic edges and tie-down straps front and back, so it doesn't blow off during windy days.

Indoor Ute Covers are available for smaller single cab Utes but not yet for large Double Utes: -

Indoor Showroom Ute Cover

SUV Covers

The best SUV covers will last you a long time and protect your car in all kinds of weather. If you live in an area where hail is common, then it's important to choose a cover that can withstand these severe weather conditions. SUV Hail Covers are available in all three ranges of Hail covers, the Standard Hail Cover range, Premium Range and Ultimate Hail Cover range.

Automobile Covers - Stormguard from car Covers and Shelter

Find SUV’s also in the Stormguard weatherproof range also. A lightweight indoor/outdoor cover is also available for SUV’s in the Evolution range.

You can also purchase an indoor Showroom cover for your SUV to keep the dust off in the garage.

Protect car from hail.

Hail is a form of precipitation that is composed of irregular ice particles. These hailstones can cause considerable damage to property and crops. They can also cause severe damage to automobiles, especially if they are not protected by a hail protection cover during storms or when parked outside overnight. Three full ranges of hail protection covers for Utes, SUV.s Hatchbacks, sedans, vans and wagons can be viewed here.

Summary - Automobile Covers

These are some of the best car covers you can buy for your vehicle in Australia. We've rounded up some of the best car covers for your vehicle above, so you can protect it from hail and other weather-related damages.

So, if you're looking for a good car cover, then these are some of the best options out there. They're made from high-quality materials and will last you a long time if cared for properly. They all come with warranties so if anything happens to them within that period, then they'll replace it!

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