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A Gable carport kit with a gable roof design is an attractive carport option that offers a traditional match to most houses and excellent shelter; so what are Gable Carport kits - Prices? The gable carport will blend into the landscape of most homes. These will give you a beautiful backyard spaces that you can use for any purpose throughout the year. When it comes time to select a carport and find the right one for your needs, consider putting in a gabled roof. These carports are perfect for any outdoor project, ranging from small decks to long driveways with plenty of space. It’s a carport with a vehicle under it but a beautiful Gable Patio if set up for garden entertaining.

Gable Carport kits – Prices

The price of a gable carport, like most products, does vary with quality. Price includes delivery to your local depot for Budget Carports and HOME DELIVERY for Professional Choice). Here is a good guide of pricing and you can look and buy through clicking on the title description: -

Budget Single Gable Carport                                        $3559.00

Budget Double Gable Carport                                       $4400.00

Professional Choice 3x6 Gable Carport                       $4795.00

Professional Choice 6 x6 Gable Carport                      $6375.00

(Any size of The Professional Choice Gable Carport is available as they are custom-made.

Budget Carports cannot be modified or customised as they are off-the-shelf and so what you see is what you get). As an indication of quality, a single Budget Gable Carport weighs around 280kg and a Professional Choice Gable the same size will be around 540kg)

Gable Carport Kit Advantages

Gable Carport kits - Prices, photo of gable carports

Are you looking for the perfect way to add additional covered parking space for your car, boat, SUV or Ute, a gable roof carport may be just what you need. Gabled carports are easier to build than Dutch Gable or hip roofs and they can offer a longer open end than a Skillion. If the space you have to cover is more than 9m, then a gable carport kit is worth thinking about. A gabled carport is a wonderful choice for those who want to maximize outdoor living space. It is the most popular and best-selling carport style for its aesthetic appeal, easy installation and maintenance. The perfect blend of beauty, strength, stability and comfort make gabled carports one of the most frequently used structures in the country today.

The Benefits Gabled Roof Carports or Pitched Roof Carports

Compared to gable roof carports and hip roofs, flat roofs are easier to build and less expensive but the aesthetic quality of a gable. Other feature benefits of a Gabled roof Carport are:-

  • better great air-flow in hot conditions, (more open and higher roof)
  • ease of maintenance, (steeper roof pitch allows dirt and leaves to wash off easily) 
  • Wider opening possible without using another set of legs (max 9m opening with Skillion)

The Gable roof carport is simpler to build than a hip or Dutch gable structure and is almost as easy as installing a Skillion Roof. The Gable structure only needs to be strong enough to support itself. Unfortunately it has been proved that many Gable Carport designs available in Australia do not comply with the Australian Standards. The Professional Choice Gable Carports not only comply with Australian Standards but can easily be upgraded to take an additional 20kg per square metre to allow the retrofitting of solar panels on the roof.

Things to Consider before buying a Gable Carport Kit

A gable carport is a great addition to your yard. This type of carport provides good protection against strong wind, rain, hail, snow and sun damage. A Gable carport is supplied without end in-fills. This means the “Gable”, the triangular shape formed at the roof ends, is left open. This allows more airflow through the structure. This is a great assist in keeping a Gable Carport cooler in hot days so making it more comfortable.

Most customers will decide to have an infill Frame on one or both sides. The ends can be filled with various materials of your choice when an in-fill Frame is fitted. Aluminium, steel or wooden slats, cement board, lattice or all common choice for an in-fill gable.. A good paint job on the infill can really ‘lift’ the look of a gable carport.

You can also order your Gable Carport Kit with infills. Your Gable Carport kit will be supplied in the Colorbond colour of your choice. Professional Choice Gable Carport kits are relatively easy to install by any competent DIY person. Your Gable Carport kit will come with state-of-the-art engineering plans, complete with QR Reader codes. The QR Codestake you to a YouTube video fur any necessary further explanation on assembly. Almost every component is pre-cut and pre-drilled, ready for you to simply bolt and screw together.

Easier Installation with Base Plates

Carport should be installed with the legs dug into concrete or "in-ground installation". It is an easier task to install a carport on top of an existing slab and it is quite legal in most of Australia except Cyclonic areas. Base Plates can be supplied on request with the Professional Choice Gable Carport kit.

Other Choices with a Gable Carport Kit - Pitched Roof Carport

Gable carports are the epitome of class and elegance. Gable carports have beautiful peak roofs which enhance their overall appearance and make them a more prominent feature. The pitch of the roof is normally 15 degrees but the customer can choose a smaller pitch of 10 degrees or a 20 degree pitch. Most older style homes have a roof pitch of around 20-22 degrees so the 20 degree pitch tends to blend in well with many homes.

Summary – Gable Carport kits - Prices

The Gable Carport is the perfect choice for maximum protection for your vehicle. The design offers maximum clearance underneath and is ideal for boats or RVs, with a lot of room to spare. The Gable Carport is also low maintenance with its pitched roof

The Gable carport kit is ideal for all types of properties and is certain to add to your convenience and add value to your home. Professional Choice is 100% steel and 100% Australian Made. The kit includes a full set of materials and state-of-the-art construction instructions to ensure that you build a strong and durable structure.

The gable ends can be left ‘open’, Framed, or full in-fill with supply. For easier installation they can be supplied with base plates for installation on top of an existing slab.

Made in Brisbane and Townsville for Qld and all Capital cities.

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