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Your car is worth looking after and as we enter the Australian Hailstorm season its time to buy an outdoor car cover, hail protection. A carport protects your vehicle from hail, but you are not always parked at home when hail hits. With much higher temperatures forecast for Australia, you must expect a return to severe hailstorms over Spring and Summer. These can happen in just a few minutes which can be devastating for your vehicle’s bodywork.

Outdoor Car Cover, Hail Protection, and a waterproof car cover.

Hail season in Australia is September to February, so every Australian needs to have protection from hail. Over the last 3 summers, temperatures have been low and severe hailstorms have

Outdoor Car Cover, Hail Protection - Autotecnica Hail protection Cover

been fewer so you are guaranteed that this will change as we go back into an El Nino weather pattern. We have short memories of the incredibly large hail that was hitting us 2 or 3 years ago; we become complacent! We don’t usually get hail until late September but even at the end of August 2023, we have seen a couple of moderate hailstorms so you need the protection of an outdoor car cover with hail protection.

Outdoor Car Cover

Car covers protect your car from rain, environmental elements like animal droppings, leaves and sap, and sun damage as well as dust accumulation. You can have all of this in a good Hail Protection car cover with the added benefit of padding to protect against hail. The Autotecnica Range of hail protection covers are designed for Australian conditions, and they are proven to be highly effective over the last decade. That is why they are Australia’s top-selling hail protection covers.

They come in three types:

Standard Hail protection Cover: this has thick polyester padding on the top surfaces only.

Premium Hail Cover: this is all that is necessary for most customers. The top and the sides down to below the windows are fully padded.

Ultimate Hail Protection Cover: this is fully padded all-over, so if you are concerned about your wheels and sills getting hail damage, this is the cover for you.

For emergency use, the Hail Armour Cover is guaranteed to protect the very largest hail. When a hailstorm is coming your way, throw on the Hail Armour cover, blow it up with your car’s 12v connection point and in around 3 minutes your car is fully protected. You will be prepared no matter what Mother Nature throws at you!

Hail Armour 

Hail Armour Emergency Cover is a car cover that protects your vehicle from hail damage. It is only sold in Australia; it’s designed for Australia, and it offers the best hail protection you can buy.

Outdoor Car Cover, Hail Protection - Hail Armour cover

The cover is an emergency vehicle protection cover and should not be confused with a car cover. The Hail Armour Cover is in a class of its own. If you're worried about hail damaging your vehicle, invest in a Hail Armour Emergency Cover today!

A single carport kit for one car or a double carport kit for two cars.

Best home protection of all, of course, is undercover protection. A single carport kit for one car or a double carport kit for two cars is a superb investment. The kits come with everything you need including excellent DIY instructions on how to install it yourself. A good single or double carport kit will last you your whole life and increase the value of your property.

A carport kit includes everything you need to build an outdoor car cover area. The difference between a single and double carport kit is that the latter is large enough for two vehicles. You can have them designed to any size you want.

Summary - Outdoor Car Cover, Hail Protection

We all need to protect our vehicles from hail damage. We will all be caught out in a hailstorm at some point. As we enter another El Nino weather event, we are guaranteed that hailstorms will become more frequent and more damaging. Consider using an outdoor car cover with hail protection. These covers come in many sizes so they can fit any vehicle type including Double Cab Ute Hail Covers, Sedan Hail Covers, SUV hail Covers, Wagon Hail covers and even Van Hail covers. Install one is easy, see the instructions here.

As an investment in your home and on your vehicles, there is no better protection than a single carport or a double carport. These are supplied for DIY installation. You may be surprised at how little you need to pay for this great investment.

FAQ's - Outdoor Car Cover, Hail Protection

(1) Do Hail protection Covers really work?

Yes, as long as it is padded to stop the hail hitting the vehicle. Multiple layers is not enough, it must have padding.

(2) Can I use my Hail Cover as a standard outdoor car cover throughout the year?

Yes. However, while the Hail Covers are UV protected, its best to try and keep them out od strong direct sunlight as the UV protection will eventually break down. This is true for all UV protected outdoor car covers.

(3) Are hail protectors worth it?

If you buy a 'proper' hail protector with padding they can save you $ thousands. The car covers must be padded. Multi-layer hail protection, without padding, will not work for the severe hailstorms we get in Australia. In exceptionally high winds with very large hail, you still may get a few dents but your car will not be a write-off.

(4) How do I protect my car paint from Hail?

This is an easy one. Simply buy a good hail protection cover like those above.

(5) How do You protect windows from Hail?

A standard hail protection cover will only protect the top surfaces of your vehicle from hail However, the Premium ail Cover and the Ultimate Hail Cover will cover and protect all your windows.

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