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It’s important to protect your car from damage so think about the best hail protection; a carport best hail protection. All meteorologists are forecasting more severe hailstorms over the next few years. Hailstorms can leave cars with dents and broken windows that affect the resale value and even cause a vehicle to be written-off by insurance. Almost all Australians live in areas prone to hailstorms, it's important that you protect your car as soon as possible by installing an effective hail protection system. An effective way to do this is by purchasing and installing a carport kit.

Hailstorm protection is one of the most important things a carport provides.

Carports are a fantastic way to protect your vehicle from hail and rain, as well as UV rays. They

Carport - Best Hail Protection, Hip roof carport

come in carport kit form that make it east to do your own DIY carport. If you're looking for an affordable option, consider buying an off-the shelf DIY carport kit and putting it together one yourself.

Carport Prices – Off-the-Shelf Carport kits

The least expensive carport is an off-the-shelf design. Car Covers and Shelter offer all types of carports from the cheapest budget to the best and strongest available in Australia.

The Budget flat roof carport is easy to install and can be purchased from just $1298.00 including delivery to a local convenient depot fore pick up. A double carport is available from $1999.00.

For a smarter-looing and stronger option, you can buy a Lysaght, all-Australian steel carport as a single carport or a double carport: -

Single Carport Kit – Skillion roof – from $2599 delivered to your door.

Double Carport Kit – Skillion Roof – from $3629 delivered to your door.

Car Covers and Shelter prices will not be beaten, and they offer a reduced price on any price match for the same products.

Carports To add ‘Class” to your home – Cantilever Carports

Car Covers and Shelter off a range of precision made Japanese Cantaports, cantilever carports that look stunning in any location. The translucent roofs are over 250 times stronger than a

Carport - Best Hail Protection, Cantaport PJR in black

standard sheet of glass and will protect your vehicles against the largest hail. They are easily installed by anyone with some DIY skills, with virtually no cutting or drilling necessary.

Carports – Custom design to your specifications

We can make carports to fit your needs in all shapes and sizes! The Professional Choice Carport can be Skillion, Gable, Dutch Gable, or Hip roof to suit your property. Again, these are the best-value carports in Australia and are heavier, stronger, and better designed than any others. The state-of-the-art plans and instructions for a DIY carport make it easy to build one. These come complete with video links to all joint instructions.

A carport's price will be easily recovered with the value it adds to your home and the fact that you will save on high hail damage costs to your vehicles.

We build best carports that last and protect your vehicle from hail and the elements.

We build best carports that last and protect your vehicle from hail and the elements.

Steel is used to make carports, which can withstand harsh weather conditions. They also are built to withstand UV rays, rain, wind, and hail. These will all damage a car or SUV if left unprotected. Even the Budget Carports come with a 15-year warranty while the Australian steel carports will last you a lifetime.

Over the years, carports are a less expensive option than a hail protection car cover.

Over the years, carports are a less expensive option than a hail protection car cover. A good hail protection car cover may only last 3 years if left too long in the intense Australian sun. Like all UV coated products, the UV protection layer will eventually wear off. Over 15 years you could spend up to $2000 on renewing hail protection covers. You can buy a 15-year warranty carport for as little as $1298.00.

A good carport will also pay for itself in the re-sale value of your home. This makes a carport a sensible investment.

Carport prices vary depending on what size of carport you need.

Carport prices vary depending on what size of carport you need. Carports can be as small as 5.8m by 2.9m and as large as you choose, so it's important to know how much space you need before making any decisions on the type and size of your carport.

The cost of a basic steel framed structure will range between $1,300-$4000 while aluminium   framed structures such as a Cantaport can cost anywhere between $4050-$12,000 depending on the size. A carport requires an area, flat or sloping, to install. Earthmoving work such as digging trenches for drainage pipes or laying a concrete slab are not included in the costs here. A concrete slab is a sensible surface to have but you can install a carport with just four posts concreted into the ground.

Carports come in many different shapes, sizes, and colours.

Carports come in many different shapes, sizes, and colours. They can be built to match the style of your home, or they can stand apart from it. Carport kits are available from several manufacturers at reasonable prices that will allow you to build a custom carport that fits your needs perfectly.

A custom-built carport is the strongest in Australia.

The strongest carports in Australia are Professional Choice custom-built. A custom-built carport is stronger than an off-the-shelf carport, and it's less expensive than hail protection covers over time. An off-the-shelf carport kit is not as strong as a custom-built one because they use a lighter steel and usually not as much steel as a Professional Choice custom-made carport which can be up to 40% heavier than an off-the -shelf carport of the same size.

Protect your car with a quality carport kit or custom structure.

If your want the best way to protect your vehicle from hail damage, consider installing a covered structure like a steel garage or carport. This structure will shield your vehicles when storms roll through. While there are many options available on the market today, not all of them are created equal; some are better than others in terms of durability, longevity, and overall effectiveness at protecting cars from hailstorms. If you want the best type of protection possible for your vehicle(s), then consider buying carport kit or custom-made carport kit built specifically to your exact requirements.

Hail Protection car covers are a good less expensive option.

A carport kit is a fantastic way to protect your vehicle from hail and the elements. They're available in many different shapes, sizes, and colours so you can find one that fits your needs. Carports are also relatively inexpensive compared with other options such as hail protection car covers over the years. However, a good hail protection car cover might be the only suitable option for you.

Summary - Carport - Best Hail Protection

A Carport is, over, time, a less expensive way of protecting your vehicles from the ravages of a hailstone storm. Spend a little more money and you can have a steel garage built on your property. A steel garage is a bit more expensive than a carport, but both add value to your home when the time comes to sell. A good Hail protection Car Cover is also a good option for those who can’t have a carport.

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