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Autotecnica Stormguard fully waterproof Sedan/Hatch covers - all weather car cover 8 sizes

Reduced price Meguire's car care products to add as accessories for car cover customers!

Fully Waterproof Stormguard Covers for all size sedans and hatchback. Stormguard covers are also available for 4 x 4 or SUV covers and Van/People Mover covers; Station wagon covers and Ute covers.

All weather outdoor car cover. Protect your car from rain, dirt and scratches. European design for Australian conditions.   

The all-weather Sedan & Hatch Car Covers waterproof, to protect your Sedan or Hatchback

    • Soft, Plush, Non-Abrasive, Non-Scratch fleece lining ensures no scratching on the inside with all-weather protection on the outside
    • stormguard sedan and hatch car covers Car Covers and Shelter
    • Full protection of car duco and interior from harmful sun rays.
    • UV protected.
    • Fitted with 4 anti-condensation air breathers
    • Quick lock security straps
    • Front and rear elastic hems
    • Electro-Welded in high resistance PVC fabric for wet weather conditions ensure long life for your cover and your car
    • Sizes available for most vehicles.
    • Includes storage bag.
    • One Year Warranty

Sedan & Hatch Car Covers Sizes:

  • Part No: 1/180 Small: Fits vehicles up to 3.87m (L387xW140xH120cm)
  • Part No: 1/182 Medium: Fits vehicles up to 4.45m (L445xW140xH120cm)
  • Part No: 1/184 Large12: Fits vehicles up to 4.74m (L474xW140xH120cm)
  • Part No: 1/186 Large11: Fits vehicles up to 4.91m (L491xW140xH120cm)
  • Part No: 1/188 Extra-Large: Fits vehicles up to 5.16m (L516xW140xH125cm)
  • Part No: 1/190 XXL: Fits vehicles up to 5.8m (L580xW140xH130cm)
  • Part No: 1/191 XXXL: Fits vehicles up to 6.2m (L620xW140xH130cm)

Hatchback Sizes:

  • Part No: 1/183 Hatchback: Fits vehicles up to 4.5m (L450xW140xH120cm)

Find the exact best fit car cover for your car

Stormguard sedan and hatch sizing guide - Car Covers and Shelter

Stormguard Sedan and Hatch car Cover features - Car Covers and Shelter

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