Premium SUV Car Bubble Inflatable Cover

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Premium SUV Car Bubble Inflatable Cover

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Premium SUV Car Bubble Inflatable Cover

Premium, quality inflatable car capsule for all size SUV's give your SUV full indoor protection

 (Please allow 7-14 days for delivery)

  • Strong motorcycle bubble is made to last
  • Made from AT 0.6 mm Carbon Texture base and 0.4mm strong PVC top cover
  • uses the finest YKK zips from Japan
  • excellent strength and quality fabrics and a long lasting DC fan.

Quality Japanese made zip, strong seams in a durable material - Car Covers and Shelter


Premium SUV Car Bubble Inflatable Cover

This quality car bubble is a third less than comparable inflatable car covers and  will give your vehicle full indoor protection. Also available for Sedans and motorbikes and a UV protected outdoor version.

A storage storage system developed to provide a stable environment for your valuable vehicle. Protects them from damage in a controlled environment.


  • Keeps out most of the dust.
  • Offers a condensation free environment that greatly decreases the chances of corrosion and interior mold
  • Keeps the humidity and temperature around the vehicle more constant
  • Protects against rodent damage.

General features and protection given by the Premium Car Bubble

Airflow circulation around your car

Airflow circulation around your car is active 24 hours per day via a long-lasting electric fan with a large, easy-clean foam filter. Similar to a Carcoon or a Car Capsule. This version is up to one-thirds less expensive than comparable car bubble systems.

Simple to use

Assembly and use instructions - Car Covers and Shelter
Constant flowing air surrounds your vehicle.

Your Premium SUV Car Bubble Inflatable Cover :-

More Benefits of using an inflatable car bubble

  • Your SUV or Ute deserves to be seen; don't hide it away under a normal car cover.
  • Portable - these inflatable Car Covers are easily moved; just deflate, unzip and drive out.
  • Keeps the SUV or Ute dust free -  Car Bubble will keep your car dust free! (unlike normal car cover covers), the car bubble will protect your whole car.
  • Moisture Control - inside the inflated bubble, the air in the car capsule is constantly being pumped through, in fact the air changes around 4 times every hour meaning all moisture is removed
  • Strength - the SUV car bubble is strong, it is scratch resistant and resilient against fuel, oil and coolant leaks. Easy to cover and remove - just drive straight on to the base mat, zip up the clear PVC cover and turn the fan on. To exit just do the reverse. 

The Premium SUV Car Bubble Inflatable Cover also:-

  • Keeps your vehicle bug and rodent free the car bubble will stop the spiders and other bugs from getting inside your car. It will also prevent rats and mice from entering.
  • Keeps your vehicle fresh and clean, removes all damp odours.
  • Constant air change means any fuel or damp smells will be removed keeping your car fresh and clean
  • Prolongs life of car - your vehicle is being stored in its own little car capsule; the car bubble is protecting your car from the elements, removing moisture and protecting against accidental damage whether in the short term or for long-term storage.

Sizes to fit all sedans  (see also SUV and motorcycle bubbles)

                                                                                       length x width x height

 XS Indoor SUV                     Extra Small              4mx2.1mx2.1m

S    Indoor SUV                        Small                    4.4mx2.1mx2.1m

M   Medium SUV                    Medium                 4.8mx2.1mx2.1m

L    Large SUV                         Large                     5.2mx2.1mx2.1m

XL  Extra Large SUV              X-large                    5.6mx2.2mx2.1m

XXL  Very large SUV            XX-large                   6mx2.2mx2.1m

NOTE - Custom Sizes can be made to order

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Best protection ever

Been looking for something to cover my Dodge truck for years. Very helpful advice and great service and I’m delighted to have a really safe place for my truck

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