TSS - Portable Animal Shelter

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3170mm x 3200mm x 2500mm  Apex

  • A sturdy and secure shelter
  • Perfect for all livestock
  • Simple and quick to assemble
  • Portable
  • 100% Australian Made

TSS - Portable Animal Shelter

The Covered Animal Shelter is perfect for providing shelter for animals living on a farm or acreage.

The Animal Shelter is easily relocatable and simple to erect.

It will keep your horses and animals protected from the elements.

TSS - Portable Animal Shelter

Designed for anyone to install. The Animal Shelters come as an Animal Shelter swaged fir for portable coverskit. Easy process of joining them together.
There is also the option of concrete piers, saddles, and dynabolt anchoring, for anyone looking for a more permanent structure

Pick your colour! (Ask about other sizing if interested)

 Colorbond Colour Chart

Aluminum ground anchors are the most popular but can also be secured with concrete piers, saddles, or dynabolt anchoring options if looking for a more permanent structure. 

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Choose you choice of anchor with your order from the add-on Accessories.

1. Aluminium Ground AnchorsAluminium ground anchor for portable carport - Car Covers and Shelter

(minimum of 6 recommended for Wind Region A, 8 for wind region B)

Aluminium Ground Anchors are the most popular grounding option. They are light, rust free and easy to install. Each Ground Anchor comes with a Bracket, Nuts and Bolts to secure the Base Rail of the Shade Shed to the Anchor.  

2. Concrete Pier KitConcrete piers for portable carport - Car Covers and Shelter

(Minimum of 4 recommended for Wind Region A, 6 for Wind region B.)

Concrete Piers are used for securing semi-permanent structures.  


  3. Saddle with Dynabolts

(Minimum of 4 for Wind Region A and 6 for Wind Region B)

The Saddle and Dynabolts are used for securing

structures to a concrete slab. Saddle with dynabolt for portable Carport - Car Covers and Shelter




Other Resources Portable Carports

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    3. Structural drawing list example with AS certification.
    4. Using ground anchors and Canvacon Assembly
    5. Portable Skillion Shade Assembly Instructions
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    This product is manufactured by Transportable Shade Sheds and comes with a 10-year structural warranty, and a 10-year warranty on the Colorbond steel. This warranty is reduced when the shed is located within 10km of the ocean as the crow flies.


    Council permits are always issued to the property owner and as such it is recognised that it is the property owner’s responsibility to identify if building approval is required.

    In most cases the need for building approval is significantly reduced based on this portable shed design and the ability to easily remove it.

    Building consents are all dependent on current buildings, shed location and local council regional development constraints. All councils are different!

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