Add a Skylight or two to your garden shed

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Skylights to fit garden sheds and garages - these will be "built in" to fit with your garage or shed order

Delivered with your garage order with no extra freight cost. The addition of a skylight or a couple of skylights give your garage or workshop great light inside.  Skylights can be fitted maximum two ONLY for single garages and FOUR maximum for double garages. Make sure you order 6m for double garage or 4m for single garage.

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    One skylight panel replaces one roof panel.

    There are just a couple of rules to follow when installing skylights, a Personal Access (PA) Door or windows. Have a look at the rules before ordering. The limitation on the number you can have is to protect the integrity (strength) of your garage. 

    The main rules are as follows

    • Maximum PA doors : 1 per garage
    • Maximum windows single garage : 1 per garage
    • Maximum windows double garage : 2 per garage
    • Two x 4 m skylight on single garages and 4 x 6m on double garages.
    • One PA door or window per wall only!

    Garage kit rules one per wall Car Covers and Shelter




         garage kit skylight installation rules Car Covers and Shelter 


        IMPORTANT: - We will contact you on receipt of order to confirm all colour and design choices ... if you want, you can go  go here and fill this form and return to us but not necessary.

        Optional Addition - Order separately


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