Best types of Carports not Car Port!

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It’s a common mistake to think that the word carport is two words “car port” so now that is cleared, there are many different choices for the best types of Carport not Car Port!

Here the types of carport in order of popularity

Skillion or Flat Roof -  Best types of Carport not Car Port!

Skillion Roof Carports are our most economical choice but are manufactured with the same high-quality materials found in other Professional Choice Carports. These carports have a flat roof which minimises the number of components which means that, while not being quite as

Best types of Carports not Car Port! - Building a Skillion Carport

visually appealing as other types of carports, they are simpler to install. They are also lower in cost and are an excellent choice for caravans, boats and cars and that is why skillion Carports have been installed all over Australia and continue to be the most popular choice.

Traditional Gable Carport

Traditional Gable Carports are a great choice for mimicking the style of the existing nearby roof. Multiple colours can be used in order to achieve further consistency with nearby or surrounding structures and a gable roof carport will allow for a wider span without adding legs for support.

When ordering a gable carport, there are choice to make. The Traditional gable carport usually has in-fills. Infills are at the front and back in the triangular ‘space” just under the end roof but sometime this is left open, which can make the carport cooler in hot days. The in-fill is very often supplied in

Best types of Carports not Car Port! Dutch Gable Carport

Colorbond to match the trim or roof but many customers prefer to be supplied with just the frame in the gable and they can decide their own in-fill material. Lattice, concrete board or wooden slatting are some common materials used for the in-fill.

Dutch Gable Carport - Best types of Carport not Car Port!

The Dutch Gable is a very popular choice of carport as stylistically the Dutch Gable roof is particularly appealing. The ability to choose multiple colours, customers are able to match the colours of the roof on their house to help blend tin the new structure. You will know a Professional Choice Dutch Gable Carport immediately by looking at the workmanship. The strength and guage of the supplied components standout.. 

Hip Roof Carport - Best types of Carport not Car Port!

Professional Choice Hip Roof Carport provides another popular style. Hip roof achieves a great look from any angle as they have a similar face on each side. This makes Hip Roof a popular choice as a

Best types of Carports not Car Port! Hip Roof carport

standalone option. Hip roof carports are also popular in cyclonic areas as the design is the best for withstanding cyclonic winds. Professional Choice Carports are dependable and can be made to withstand cyclonic conditions and  are strong enough to support solar panels. They are built with  the strongest all-Australian materials available for carport construction.

Cantilever Carport by Cantaport

Cantaport Cantilever Carports and Awnings are perfect if you are looking for a spectacular patio or awning. This will make a carport to stun the neighbourhood and Cantaports are the  answer if you don't want too many legs blocking your way. Cantilever carport kits can be used as:-

  • carports or
  • patios or gazebos,
  • swimming pool shade,
  • bus shelters or
  • anywhere on your property that requires shade.
    Cantaport as a boat shade


Cantaport kits can be joined together. You can make larger shade areas or double carports or multi-bay carports using special connection Kits. These allow in-line connection (tandem); M connection (dome) or Y connection (gull wing).

Cantaport Carport Kits are precision made in Japan and Cantaport design and construction is very superior to other copied imports. 

Call us for more information or help.

If you are unsure about which style suits your project the best, feel free to get in touch with us.

Solar-ready is the way to Go and Professional Choice is the first to offer a carport strong enough to support the weight of retrofit solar panels. Your next step must be to buy a solar-ready carport so imagine your own power generation from a carport with a solar panel roof!



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