Car Covers to Buy for Outdoor Protection

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It’s a great decision to you make to buy a car cover but you must ask yourself, “what protection do I need’ so please review car covers to buy for outdoor protection. There are so many covers for the car to protect against different types of car shelter and car protection.

Which Car Covers to Buy for Outdoor Protection?

Before you buy a car cover, look at your location and climate. Most of populated Australia now has occasional or regular spring and summer hailstorms. If you live in Sydney, particularly the NW or ACT we would always recommend an Ultimate Hail protection cover  because of the very high risk of hail.

Waterproof, All-weather cover for car

A car cover for all-weather protection is less bulky and less expensive than a hail protection cover. The ‘bulk” in a good hail protection cover comes from the fact that they have 6mm of polyester stuffing in a middle layer. This is what gives you the excellent hail protection but they can be similar to a big doona! The best all-weather, waterproof range is the Stormguard range. Stormguard as specially made waterproof covers for sedans, SUV’s, hatchbacks, small trucks, people movers and vans and single and double cab Utes.

Which Hail Protection Cover for A Car to Buy?

Hail Protection cover for a car kept outdoors in most of Australia is almost an essential. If you

Car Covers to Buy for Outdoor Protection - Ultimate Hail protection Cover

keep your car outdoors for long periods then the best outdoor car cover should have some hail protection. Many businesses offer car hail protection covers which do not protect from hail in Australia, The American based Australian Car Covers, for example, market hail protection because they have some covers that are 4 layers thick. This is NOT hail Protection. If the cover does not have a padded middle layer, it will not give much hail protection in Australia.

Range of Hail Protection covers for hail.

There are 3 types of Autotecnica Hail Prevention car covers in sizes to fit almost all SUV’s, Sedans, Hatchbacks and Utes. In the Premium Hail Cover Range, there is also a hail blanket to fit a large Van or People Mover and the Ultimate Range has a cover specially made for Double Cab Ute hail protection. The Autotecnica range is deservedly the best-Selling Hail Protection Covers in Australia.

Choose the best hail car cover for your car:-

  • THE ULTIMATE HAIL COVER is now the most popular. This hail cover for your car will give padded hail protection to your whole vehicle. The others, like the Premium, only gives cover to the top surfaces and side windows while the standard Hail Cover only has

    Car Covers to Buy for Outdoor Protection - Hail Protection Car Cover

    padding on the top surfaces. The Ultimate hail cover is around 7kg in weaight but the all-round padding makes it bulky.We recommend this cover for those living in bad hailstorm areas. We do not consider SE Qld or Victoria “bad” and we would suggest the Premium Hail car cover is sufficient.

  • THE PREMIUM HAIL RANGE  will protect the top surfaces and the side windows from severe hail. For around 6 years this was the best hail blanket available in Australia. Thousand were sold and we had not one complaint. It now comes second in sales to the Ultimate hail Protection. For most of Australia, we would suggest that the Premium is the best hail cover for you. It is not as bulky as the Ultimate Hail Cover so easier to use and slightly lighter. The Premium Hail cover has extra padding on the top and sides. Theside layers give pretty good side protection without being padded.

  • THE STANDARD HAIL PROOF  PROTECTION offers full padding on the top surfaces only. This means it is not as bulky as the other two hail covers and is much more easily packed and stored. This is the cover to ‘take to work’ for emergency use. The hail blanket will also give excellent hail protection in many areas (Melbourne is a reasonable example) where the hail tends to come straight down without high winds.

Cover for a Car – Waterproof - Which Car Covers to Buy for Outdoor Protection?

A cover for a car that is waterproof to keep it dry, strong and will protect from bird and bat droppings, tree gum, scratches and dents is the Stormguard Range.

A good car cover has an inner soft-plush fabric to protect paintwork and an outer protective fabric that is easily wiped clean, waterproof and UV proof. Most importantly IT MUST BE ABLE TO BREATH!

It is better to use NO Car Cover than to place a watertight ‘bag’ over the car and so making it unable tobreath. A car that is ‘sealed’ with no way of getting air will build up moisture and rust! The Stormguard range all have 4 breath holes, one on each top corner.

Cover for cars – Stormguard weatherproof range.

Stormguard covers for cars are available for:                                    -

Sedans and Hatchbacks car covers

Car Covers to Buy for Outdoor Protection - Specification diagram for car covers

SUV’s and 4x4 vehicles car cover

Truck and Ute Waterproof car covers

Vans and People Mover Car Covers

Station Wagons car covers

Motorcycle Covers

All Waterproof Stormguard Car Covers have these qualities: -

    • Car duco and interior protection from UV sun rays.
    • Full UV protection
    • 4 anti-condensation air breathers in each top corner
    • A lock security strap
    • Front and back elastic hems.
    • High resistance PVC fabric, electro-welded for wet weather conditions   
    • Storage bag.
    • Full Year Warranty

Light Covers for Car - Car Covers to Buy for Outdoor Protection

A Light weatherproof cover is sometimes all you need because a car kept in a carport or even an old garage will benefit with protection. A prestige car driven into town and parked may benefit with a cover to keep it clean and add some security.

The ideal light cover is the Evolution Range wich has sizes for all sedans and SUV’s. They are light, quick to put on and take off to store in their bag and offer an ideal protection for cars that are not fully exposed all the time.

This lightweight all-purpose car cover packs easily into its supplied carry-bag and it is a car cover ideal for weather protection outside or that extra protection from dust and sun in your carport or garage.

  • Sizes for most sedans and SUV's
  •  4 Anti-Condensation air breathers in each top corner
  • Full UV protection
  • Non-scratch fabric to protect paintwork.    
  • Security holding strap and elastic hems.
  • Full year warranty

Prestige Cars – Best cover for the car is a Car Bubble

Your valuable and loved collector car or expensive prestige car will maintain or increase its price more if you can document that it has been stored in a car bubble cover. A car bubble will keep your valuable vehicle is a safe, secure controlled atmosphere safe from all dust and rodents. The love you have for your vehicle, the satisfaction of knowing it's fully protected is worth every cent of a car bubble's cost.

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