Car Covers to Buy for Indoor Protection

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You have made a decision to buy a car cover but there are so many to choose from so please review car covers to buy for indoor protection.

Cover for Cars - what do you want it for?

You store your car in a garage and all you need is a good quality cover to keep the dust off and protect it from moisture, possible scratches, rodents and dust. The obvious choice here is a soft indoor cover or a Car Bubble.

Soft indoor car cover

There are a lot to choose from but the best are obviously custom-made especially for your car

Car Covers to Buy for Indoor Protection - soft indoor car cover

but it is important to choose a fabric that is more than 190g/m2. A fabric that is lighter than this will almost certainly allow dust through, defeating the purpose of the cover. A bespoke cover will require a photograph of the vehicle to ensure that any factory extras that have been added are considered before making the car cover.

Make sure you are buying 'Custom Made" as some companies like the American "Australia Car Covers" offer a generic cover but advertise them as "made to measure".

Car Covers for prestige vehicles.

A Car Cover for from prestige vehicle, if you don't want to spend $500 plus on a custom-made cover, would be a Concours D ‘Elegance indoor cover as it is a unique indoor car cover made of Thermoplastic polyurethane (TUP).

 TPU is a mixture of hard plastic and soft silicone, making a dense and smooth rubber which slides over a car without attracting lint and dust. Of course, it has a soft non-abrasive interior to stop any scratches.

Cover for cars GT Sports models

There is an excellent indoor car cover for GT sports cars and that is The Grand Turismo Edition soft car cover. This is a high quality car cover specially lined with soft, plush non-abrasive fabric to ensure no damage will be done to your paintwork. They are an excellent fit for any sports car like the Ford Mustang or Holden SS.

Indoor Cover for cars - Utes and SUV's

Indoor covers for cars are now available for most models and there are special indoor car covers for Utes and for SUV's.

Both covers are made of a high quality polyester lined with soft, plush non-abrasive fabric backing. They both have: -

  • Non-fade stretchable fabric
  • Elastic hemming to hold them tight.
  • Thick enough to protect from dust & pollutants
  • Storage bag

Indoor Cover for a Car or Hatchback

The indoor stretch car cover is one of the most popular indoor stretch car covers in Australia. It is popular because you will find a good fit from the four sizes available. It comes in 3 different colours and it is also quite inexpensive and gives all the indoor protection most people want.

The Indoor stretch cover has: -

  • Best price range in Australia with hundreds of 5 star reviews
  • Soft interior to protect paint
  • Best price you'll find on the web
  • Imported by a respected Australian brand name.
  • Elastic hemming to hold them tight
  • Thick enough to protect from dust & pollutants
  • Storage bag

Best Indoor Cover for A Car - Car Bubbles Car Covers to Buy for Indoor Protection

Car Bubbles give you the best indoor cover for a car. Car Bubbles are supplied in all sizes for sedans, Utes and SUV's and can be custom to size. All car-lovers know a

Car Covers to Buy for Indoor Protection - iNDOOR cAR bUBBLE

vehicle is always under attack by moisture, dust, dents and inadvertent scratches and even rodents. You can't always be there to protect it so a car bubble cover can be the ultimate car protector. A classic or prestige car stored in a car bubble will also increase the re-sell value of your valuable asset. Car Bubbles are not specifically recommended for vehicles being used on a daily basis but if you want to protect your valuable prestige, vintage or classic vehicle, a Bubble is your best decision.

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