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With the hailstone season now almost upon us it’s important to provide protection for your car so let’s look at a Car Shed and Garage Kit. You will find a wide range of products for your vehicle’s protection, and you may find it surprising how affordable it is to build an Australian steel car shed

Car Shed and Garage Kit - photo of single steel garage

or garage. You can also choose from carport kits, garage and workshop sheds and tool sheds.

Car Shed or Garage

Garages are the most effective way to store your vehicle. A little ‘extra’ space designed into your garage will allow covered and secure storage space for your tools and other equipment. Design a garage with an extra nine or ten square metres at the back and you have your instant workshop place too.

Cost of a Car Shed or Garage Kit

A single garage kit can be delivered to your door for under $7000.

A double garage kit will cost around $9,500 delivered.

Adding an additional area to a 6 x 6 garage to make it 6 x 9 to make a workshop area, and installing a Personal Access door, will be around $12,000.

The design of the garage can be changed to anything you want. Send through a sketch of exactly what you would like. Think about adding windows, insulation, rodent repellent, whirligigs, skylights, almost anything is possible.

You will probably have to have a slab laid to sit the garage on and this will be around $150 per square metre.

The Professional Choice car shed, or garage comes with state-of-the-art engineering plans and instructions so you can save thousands of dollars by installing it yourself with the help of a couple of friends if you have some DIY skills. All Professional Choice products are supplied with site-specific certification so making an application to your local council is made easy.

Doing it yourself means you can have a permanent garage, which will last you a lifetime, in your yard for around $10,000. It’s almost certain that this will increase the value of your home by more than your investment.

Garage Workshop Sheds

A small workshop is a fantastic area to have in any home. It’s a place to store all your tools and equipment and an area to handle all these small jobs you must do around every home. The additional cost of adding a workshop to the back of your new garage will pay for itself over and over.

Carport Kit

A carport kit is less expensive option to a garage. It provides shelter from hail and the elements and is an excellent covered area for your vehicles. There are many styles of carports to match your existing roof design. You can choose between a flat roof carport, (Skillion), Gable roof, Dutch Gable roof or Hip roof carport.   

 Easy to Install Carport

Carports are easier to build than a shed. A concrete slab is desirable, but you can concrete in the posts without having to lay a full slab. Even the least expensive Budget flat roof carports can be installed with just four small concrete pads. These come with base plates for easy installation. The least expensive carports are already designed off the shelf Flat roof Carports or Gable roof Carports.

Cost of a Carport - Car Shed and Garage Kit

The least expensive carport is The Budget Flat Roof carport. These are delivered free to your nearest Mainfreight Depot from $1298.00. They come with a 15-year warranty.

The fully Australian steel Lysaght Lite Skillion Carport is a much better build and looks great in any yard. These start from $2599.00 delivered to your door.

2 Car Carports

Both products above come in various colours and are also available in a Double Carport design.

A custom designed carport by Professional Choice is simply the best and strongest carport available in Australia. These are up to 40% more mass than most other carports and will last you a lifetime.

Cost of a Gable Roof Carport

The Budget series also comes in a Gable roof design. The single Gable carport starts from $3559.00 delivered to your nearest depot. A single custom made Gable carport starts from around $5000 delivered to your door.

Tool Sheds

Sometimes you may just have to clean out your garage to make space for your vehicle! Tool sheds are a great way to securely store tools and equipment. There is a vast range of easily

Car Shed and Garage Kit - Tool Shed

installed garden sheds. Even if you only have space under the eaves of your home, you can buy a Slimline Garden Shed which will hold all your tools and gardening equipment. Most garden sheds do not need council approval but this link should help you check things out. You can buy a shed in any size you require for very affordable prices. Check out the range here.

Summary - Car Shed and Garage Kit

Consider the space you have in your yard and the budget you can afford. a few things. Choose your desired style and select an appropriate location for installation. If you are not sure of exactly what you want, don't worry!  Give us a call or send us an email at Car Covers and Shelter and we will guide you.  

A steel car shed, or garage may be too expensive, but a carport is exceptional value. A tool shed may be all you require to clear out your garage and use it for its intended purpose of protecting your car. There is a wide range of products available at affordable prices that will meet your needs and budget. If you have any questions or would like further information, please contact us today!

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