Slimline Garden Shed to Smartlocker

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A garden shed is a fantastic addition to any yard. The choice of sizes and designs is huge, everything from a Slimline Garden Shed to Smartlocker with a roller door. A slimline garden shed is ideal for those with little space. A Smartlocker can range in size from 3650m x 900mm(D) x 2330m to the larger 3655m x 1100mm(D) x 2330m. Of course, if you don’t like the

Slimline Garden Shed to Smartlocker - photo of slimline sheds

idea of a large, secure roller door, there are plenty of garden shed options for everyone’s needs.

Garden Sheds

Garden sheds are a great way to increase secure storage space in the garden. They're ideal for storing gardening tools and equipment. Also, a fantastic ‘overflow’ for all the things you currently must store in your home or garage!

All garden sheds are delivered in easy to install flat packs. They come with full instructions and most people will have the skills to bolt one together.

Slimline Garden Sheds

If you're looking for a way to store all your gardening equipment, but don't have much room in your garden, then a slimline shed could be the perfect solution. They are ideal for urban living or smaller gardens. They can help save space by reducing the footprint of your shed, as well as making it easier to move around when cleaning out or moving items into storage.

A Slimline Garden shed is normally under 1m wide (usually 700mm) which means they will fit under the eves of most homes and still leave enough gap for a footpath around them. They are the ideal solution for those living in villas, townhouses, or homes with small garden areas. While a slimline garden shed, by definition, is narrow, a roof clearance of 1.8m gives plenty of headroom and you can choose one up to 3m in length. Its amazing the storage area a larger slimline garden shed will give you. Strata living will usually require the permission of your Body Corporate. It is not necessary to have council approval to install a small garden shed.

The Spacemaker Yardstore Garden Shed

A Spacemaker Yardstore garden shed is a more ‘traditional’ design for a small garden shed. The Spacemaker Yardstore comes in various sizes up to 2.1m x 1.41m x 1.8m. It is still a compact shed but offers plenty of space for storage. The Spacemaker Yardstore is available in a gable roof design or a flat roof (Skillion) design.

The Spacemaker Yardstore is big enough to store bicycles, lawn mower, and large tools but does not take up much of your valuable yard space. A wide choice of colours will ensure it will fit in to any yard.

Storemate Garden Shed

Looking for something to store your bicycles and bins? The Storemate series is ideal with its easy entry 63cm wide door plus opening flat roof. It is unobtrusive, being just 1.48m high and easy to assemble. The large Storemate is the ideal choice for many smaller gardens at 1.41m x 1.07m x 1.48m with its easy-entry two-door system.

Maxistore Garden Shed

This is a real garden shed, easy to assemble, and made, like the others of coated steel for a long life. It is a traditional gable-roof shed and comes in a variety of sizes. The small Maxistore is 2.8m

Slimline Garden Shed to Smartlocker - Storemate garden shed

x 2.8m x 2.02m but it is available in various sizes up to 3.14m x 2.8m x 2.08m.  

The Maxistore is a very affordable option for anyone looking for a standard garden shed like grandad used to have!

The Eco Plus Workshop Garden Shed

Yard space not a problem and looking for your own man shed, or she shed or a den for the kids? The Eco Plus workshop will give you the storage space you need and some more. The smaller Eco Plus is 3.14m x 2.8m x 2.08m and this can be extended to a large 4.53m x 2.8m x 2.08m. The twin door system on the Eco Plus range means you have an entrance for your stored goods and another entrance for your den or workshop. This is one of the most popular large garden shed ranges in Australia.

Finally, The Smartlocker Garden Shed

The Smartlocker Garden Sheds come with high quality lockable roller door so they will keep everything safe and secure. They are heavier to deliver because of the roller door. They are also a little more difficult to assemble but you end up with a small, secure garage! The Smartlockers offer excellent protection against all weather and are easily locked for excellent security. Smartlockers come in seven different colours and the largest measures 3655m x 1100mm(D) x 2330m. A Smartlocker is an excellent storage solution for all with the yard space to have one.

Consider a Garage Kit to store your car and all your tools!

If you're looking for a way to store your car and all your tools, then a garage kit is the perfect solution. Customers are often pleasantly surprised at how little they need to spend to add a steel garage with a lifetime warranty to their home. A garage is the ultimate secure storage are for any home and it will add considerable value to the resale value of any home. All garage kits are custom-made so send in your design and sizes and you can have exactly what you want.

Summary - Slimline Garden Shed to Smartlocker

Slimline garden sheds are a great solution for smaller gardens for extra storage space where space is limited. They offer the same high quality as all the other steel sheds described here. It’s a fantastic way to have your garden shed, but in a narrower and more compact design.

 There is a large choice of large sheds for those with the space. You will have a lot more storage with a smaller Maxistore Garden shed but if you have the space, a large shed can be a great choice. The Smartlocker is a large garden shed with a roller door. It's available in two sizes and colours, so you can choose the one that suits your needs best.

An Eco Plus Workshop Garden shed will give you space to work as well as plenty of space for storage but if you have the space, nothing will beat a steel garage where you can have the storage space and a place to secure your vehicle.

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