Garden Shelters for Everyone

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Sheds are great for keeping your tools, gardening supplies and other items out of sight and you will find that there are garden shelters for everyone. They're also useful for storing your garden furniture. You can even store your car if you buy a large garage shed with roller doors. When

Garden Shelters for Everyone - Slimline garden sheds

choosing a garden shelter, it's important to consider the size of your garden. How much space have you got available before deciding on the right model?

Garden Shelters for Everyone

Garden sheds are a great way to add covered and secure storage space to your property. They come in many different shapes and sizes, so there's something for every space. There are so many different types of garden sheds available, you will find one that suits your needs perfectly. Whether you're looking for something small or large, wide, or narrow, expensive, or cheap, you’ll find one at Car Covers and Shelter.   

What is a garden shed?

A garden shed is a small storage shed for gardening equipment. You use a garden shed to store tools and equipment that you use in your yard or garden. These can include lawnmowers, rakes, and shovels.They often have doors and windows, or these can be added later. Steel is the most cost-effective and long-lasting material for garden sheds. They come in a ready-to-assemble kit which most customers will manage to install on their own.

A typical garden shed will measure about 2 meters x 2 meters with a 1.8-meter-high roof.  

Garden Sheds for Every Budget

You can get a shed for any budget.

There are many different styles and sizes of garden sheds available for you to choose from, so whatever it is that you want your shed to do, there's sure to be something out there that will suit your needs. For around $300, you can purchase a Slimline Yardstore.

Slimeline Yardstore Garden Shed

These Narrow Sheds, the Slimline range, can be installed at the back of a parking space in a unit or fit under the eaves of your home. Whether or not space is an issue for you; there will be something on offer which takes into consideration how much space you have available.

With prices starting at just $300 up to around $10,000 (or more) for a large garage shed, there really isn't any reason why everyone shouldn't have one!

Smart Locker Sheds

A Smartlocker shed is a type of garden shelter that offers security and a very large roller entry door. The main benefit of using a Smartlocker shed is that it allows you to keep your goods safe and very secure while giving you a door large enough to fit in almost anything that is smaller than the shed itself.  

There is only one drawback to the Smartlocker and that is its size for freight due to the large roller door. We will still deliver it in a flat pack and it is easily picked up from your local depot. Freight is free to your local depot, but it can cost a few hundred dollars more if you must have it delivered to your home.

Smartlocker Garden Shed

Narrow Sheds, Slimline Sheds - Garden Shelters for Everyone

If you have a small space to work with, narrow and slimline sheds are the way to go. Narrow sheds are ideal for small spaces and can fit under the eaves of a home, but still offer plenty of storage space. Slimline sheds are narrow--they're perfect for fitting into tight spots.

Sheds are supplied as flat pack Kit sheds and are easy to assemble. The kits come with all the materials needed to build your new shed including all bolts and screws as well as instructions on how it should be assembled. No cutting or drilling is necessary for most kit sheds.

MaxiStore Sheds - Garden Shelters for Everyone

We all remember the garden shed at our grandparent’s or parent’s house. The MaxiStore is a very ‘traditional “shed design. MaxiStore sheds have a high ceiling and a large door, making them ideal for storing garden equipment. They're also easy to assemble and come in different sizes and colours. A smaller Maxistore can be bought for as little as $670 delivered to your local depot.

MaxiStore Garden Shed

Garden Shed with Workshop Option

A workshop shed is a large garden shed that has the space for a workshop as well as plenty of storage space. The Eco Plus Workshop range of garden sheds can give you the storage space

Garden Shelters for Everyone - Storemate garden shed

and that man-shed you always wanted. All of the sheds have two doors so your storage area can be accessed without going through the workshop area. They also have just over 2 metres clearance height and are very good value for money.

Eco Plus Workshop

Steel Garage Sheds.

A Steel garage shed is the most cost-effective way to add a garage to your home. Any garage will add its value and more to any home. You can custom design your steel garage to your exact dimensions and needs. The design will be sent to you free of charge and the final kit will be delivered to your door. We can supply it with lined walls, as many doors as you want, and even make it strong enough to add solar panels to the roof later.

Steel Garage Custom Design

Summary- Garden Shelters for Everyone

Garden sheds are for people who want to keep their tools and equipment safe. They are for people who need more secure storage around their home. Shoppers can find them at any budget. You can have a simple, affordable option line a Narrow Shed to more luxurious designs. They will last for years and come with long warranties. Smartlocker, narrow slimline, maxi store, and an affordable garden shed with a workshop option are among the many different types of garden sheds supplied as kit sheds.. You can even invest around $7000 and have a steel garage installed at your home for vehicle storage.

We hope this article has given you a look at different types of sheds. If you are looking for a new shed, then we would recommend going with one that has a workshop option and plenty of storage space. You might even invest in a full steel garage kit!

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