Carport Kits and Carport Prices

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When it comes to our vehicles, all Australians want the best for them so let’s look at carport kits and carport prices. Whether you have a brand-new vehicle or an older model, you want to make sure that your car is safe and secure. A garage is the best answer, (and a steel garage can be a lot cheaper than most people think), but a quicker and less expensive alternative is available. A

Carport Kits and Carport Prices = Installing a Cantaport

carport kit will provide your car with the protection it needs. At the same time a carport will add value to your home.

What is a carport?

A carport is a roofed shelter that provides protection for a vehicle. It can be used to protect a car from the weather, or it can also be used as a patio for shade and cover in the garden. Unlike a garage, a carport has no side walls.

Carports are usually free standing and are available in different styles, sizes, and materials so you can choose one that suits your needs best.

The most common styles of carport are: -

Flat roof Carport (or skillion Carport) – From $1298 delivered to your local depot.

Gable Roof Carport. – From $3559 delivered to your local depot.

Dutch Gable Carport. – From $5975 home delivered (6 x 3)

Hip Roof Carport – From $5399 home delivered (6 x 3)

Cantilever Carport (Usually with only 2 or 3 legs) – From $4049 delivered to your local depot.

Carport Prices

The kit prices above include all parts necessary but do not include installation or the cost of concrete for the legs or preparing concrete pads for the carport to sit on. The Flat roof carport price and the hip roof carport price is for a custom-made carport. The lower price on the others is for off-the-shelf options. These carport prices will not be beaten in Australia.

Why should you buy a carport kit?

You should buy a carport kit because it's cheaper, faster, and better than trying to build your own from scratch.

  • It's cheaper. Carport kits are usually easy DIY projects for anyone with a few DIY skills. If you must pay someone else to build your carport, they will charge much more than what it would cost to purchase the materials and put together yourself.

All the parts you need are included in a carport kit. All are pre-cut and pre-drilled so its quick and easy and you are not paying for waste from left over lengths and parts.  

  • It's faster too! The average person spends a day putting together one of these kits; however, if you've never done anything remotely similar before then it will take longer. A few hours the day before you install, is usually spent on preparation of a slab or digging holes for concrete.
  • Finally: a carport kit comes with full engineering certification. This can be very costly and time-consuming if you must get this for yourself. Also, quality control measures taken during manufacturing make sure every part fits perfectly together.

Why do Carport prices differ?

Carports are made to order, even if it is an off-the-shelf, cheaper design.

Many carports use inferior mild steel imported from overseas. This may often mean that the carport is not strong enough to meet Australian Standards. Many businesses will also use less steel than is necessary to meet Australian Standards to keep their prices down. This is common but, of course, illegal. The most basic carport kits are made for mass production with an identical design. This saves on engineering and design costs. 

Carports built with high-quality materials such as High Tensile Australian made steel are durable constructions and will last a lifetime. A custom-designed carport, made especially for your yard, is obviously more costly than a mass-produced carport.

How much do carport kits cost?

You can expect to pay between $1,100 and $10,000 for a basic carport kit. This is just a ball-park cost; the actual price will vary depending on the materials used. Other factors dictating costs are

Carport Kits and Carport Prices - Installing a Budget carport

mentioned in the previous paragraphs. If you want to install it yourself, this will save money a lot of money on labour costs.

What are the benefits of buying a Carport kit?

  • You can assemble a kit yourself, saving money on labour.
  • Kits are easier to assemble than building from scratch with raw materials.
  • They're cheaper than hiring a professional carport builder to come out and build your carport for you.
  • Kits can be designed in any size or style you choose.

Carports are typically built with steel frames and Colorbond roofing. They will last a long time and are easy to erect with little to no cutting or drilling necessary.

Single Carport or Double carport?

The most popular types of carports are a single carport kits and the double carport kits. Both are available in the ‘off-the-shelf’ Budget carport series and through Lysaght/BlueScope steel. The Budget Carport series also do a single carport and a double carport with a gable roof. These carports are less expensive than a custom-designed carport, but they cannot be altered in any way. What you see is what you get so if you require a slightly larger, smaller, or taller design, then it must be custom made.

The choice between these two options depends on what type of storage space is best suited for your needs and budget. If all you need is extra parking space, then consider buying a smaller kit that's less expensive than its bigger cousin; however, if you want something more attractive then opt instead for something larger like the Double Lite Skillion Carport Kit.

What size of carport should you build?

The first step in choosing the right size for your carport is to calculate how much space you have available.  

Once you know your budget, how much area you want covered and what kind of carport you want, it's time to choose a size that fits your criteria. As stated above, there are less expensive options if you can settle for a single carport at 3m x 6m and 2.4m height or a double carport at 6m x 6m and 2.4m height. Outside of these exact measurements or if you want a Dutch Gable or Hip roof carport, you must opt for a custom design.

A carport will provide protection for your vehicle while adding value to your property.

A carport will provide protection for your vehicle, while at the same time, adding value to your property.

A car is usually your second most asset outside of your home. It makes sense that you would want to protect your vehicles and keep them looking new as long as possible. A carport offers this protection by keeping hail, rain, animal and bird droppings, tree debris, sunlight, and rainwater off your vehicles.

A carport also allows you to add a work area or entertainment/BBQ area to your yard too. 

Summary - Carport Kits and Carport Prices

We hope you have found this article helpful and informative. If you have any questions about carports or would like to learn more, please contact us today!


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