Carports for Caravans and RV's

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When protecting your caravan and RV, you must consider carports for caravans and RV’s. Even if you have a garage, very often a caravan won't fit. The height of these vehicles will mean that they won’t fit through the door. A carport is the ideal solution. You’ll find a carport kit that suit most budgets and requirements. You may be looking for a simple shelter or something a little more advanced. We offer carports in a variety of styles and sizes and will custom design one to suit your needs.


If you're looking to protect your car, caravan or RV from the elements, a carport is an excellent choice.  

We make the best carports from Australian steel and they can be install them anywhere on your property. They come in simple Skillion (flat roof carport) design or gable roof, Dutch Gable roof or hip roof carport design. You can also buy a cantilever carport by Cantaport . Be aware, the height restriction on the precision-made Cantaport is around 3.3m clearance.

Carports for Caravans and RV's - Similar to SKC series Cantaport

High carports

High carports are made to suit your caravan and must be custom designed. The maximum clearance height attainable with a Lysaght Flat Roof carport is only 3m. This may be reduced to 2.4m if base plates are not being used. A Budget Carport has a maximum clearance height of 2.4m also. To achieve a usual clearance height of between 3m and 3.5m for a caravan or RV, it must be custom designed.  

These high carports offer protection from sun, hail, rain, bird and bat droppings, trees, and wind. They can be designed for any area including the northern cyclonic areas.  

Carports on sale to Avoid

There are many businesses selling imported carport sheds that basically sit on the ground. They claim that they have ‘proper’ Australian Standards certification. This type of carport is likely to move in very high winds. They can cause severe damage to any vehicle inside them at the time. Buyer beware!

Carports for Caravans

A caravan or RV is an investment, and it's important to protect your investment.  

Lightweight materials are generally used to make caravans, which aren't as durable as houses or other buildings. They're also not meant for permanent living; most people only use them when they go on holidays. It's important that you find shelter for yours that will protect it from hail damage and other harsh conditions. A carport gives you this protection. It’s also easy for you to move your caravan in and out with little hassle.

Height of carport

When purchasing a carport, it is important to make sure that the height of your caravan or RV will fit underneath it. An air conditioning unit is commonly placed on the roof of an RV. Make sure you allow for this additional height in your design. Its also good to have enough space to have a pop-up top in use while the caravan is in the carport. When fully set up, a good rule of thumb is to ensure that there are at least 0.5 metres of clearance above the highest point of your vehicle. 

Why keep your caravan or RV in a carport?

There are many reasons why you should keep your caravan in a carport. Apart from keeping it much cleaner when it is stored, it is extremely important to have them protected from Australia’s harsh climate. A bad hailstorm can destroy an RV in the same way it can write-off a car and our extreme UV light can destroy the interior of any van if not protected.

  • Custom made carports for RVs: A custom made carport will provide protection from hail, sun, and rain as well as other environmental factors.
  • In most cases, you will need a custom design carport for your caravan or RV because of the necessary height clearance.

Carport kits

We will supply whatever you choose to protect your vehicles as a complete carport kit.  You can choose your preferred style, sizes, and colours. Installation is easy - the instructions are designed for easy assembly by anyone with basic DIY skills. If you have any questions about installing one of these kits, we encourage you to contact us today!

Carport style to suit a caravan.

Most caravan and RV owners choose a simple flat roof carport (skillion design). These usually have a minimum of 3m clearance height, and the addition of eaves on a Skillion carport overhang on each end. This means you can work on and around your RV or caravan while still; inside; the protective shelter.  We can custom make them to any size or style you like, so contact us today to talk about your options!

Summary - Carports for Caravans and RV's

Your caravan is your home away from home so it's important that you choose the right carport to protect it from the elements.

The first step in choosing a suitable carport is ensuring that it can accommodate the size of your caravan and its location. If you have a small caravan or campervan with a ‘normal’ clearance height of around 2.4m then you might save by buying a Budget Carport or a Lysaght off-the-shelf carport. However, if your vehicle has a clearance height of 3m or more, then you will need to ask us for a custom design for your area.

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