What Car Cover Should You Buy?

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Protecting your car from the elements is essential to maintaining its value but what are you protecting from so you must consider what car cover should you buy? With the right cover or car shelter, you can protect your vehicle from damage caused by extreme heat, hailstones, sun rain and animals. The type of cover you need depends on where you park, what kind of weather conditions are prevalent in your area and from what things you want to protect your vehicle?

The car cover you should buy depends on your needs.

When you're looking for a car cover, the first thing you need to do is decide what you want to protect your car from. Do you have kids who like to draw on things with Sharpies? Is there hail or snow in your area or is it always sunshine which is causing UV ray damage to your interior and paintwork? Many vehicles are damaged by bat or bird excrement or gum flowing off trees, is this a problem for you? Or maybe it rains a lot where you live and all you require is a good waterproof cover for the car.

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Buying the correct type of car cover for your needs will mean little time and effort will be required for caring for your vehicle over its lifetime. You can significantly cut down on the time you spend washing your vehicle by simply placing a protective car cover on it to protect from what is causing most of the dirt. Maybe you only require a light outdoor car cover while traveling somewhere away from home so that your car has overnight protection away from its usual garage space at home?  If so, then perhaps looking at a lighter, less expensive options would make sense.

Waterproof Car Covers are popular.

Waterproof car covers are popular car covers. They protect your vehicle from rain, snow, sleet, tree debris and bat and bird droppings.

A waterproof cover is usually made of a fabric that cannot breathe to allow water to evaporate. Generally, if a fabric can “breath”, then it is probably water-resistant and not waterproof. Moisture which may form on top of the car will stay there instead of being absorbed into the fabric and evaporating as it would with a breathable material like cotton canvas. However, any good waterproof car cover will have vents somewhere in the sides to allow the vehicle underneath to breath.

Water resistant covers can be very good and will keep water off for some time. Think of a good woolen coat, they will eventually allow rain to penetrate but it generally takes a while.   

A heavy-duty outdoor car cover with hail protection will protect your vehicle from all weather conditions.

A heavy-duty outdoor car cover with hail protection will protect your vehicle from all weather conditions. Note that high-quality hail protection car covers are made with heavy duty material and have a layer of padding between layers. They have an elastic hem around the edge so they can stretch over your vehicle and be held firmly and tight. These covers are waterproof, UV ray resistant, scratch resistant and hail resistant!

They also come with air vents so that your vehicle can ‘breathe”. These allow any moisture build up to evaporate which prevents mould growth.

Indoor, or indoor/outdoor covers are also great for protecting your vehicle from bugs and bird droppings.

Indoor, or indoor/outdoor covers are also great for protecting your vehicle from bugs and bird droppings. These covers are light-weight and ideal for use in a carport, indoor use or outside.  If your car is going to be in a garage all the time, then you are better off with a less expensive indoor car cover.

You can use lightweight, breathable car covers year-round.

  • Lightweight, breathable car covers can be used year-round.
  • These covers are made of lightweight material that allows moisture to escape and air to circulate through the fabric, which helps prevent mould and mildew growth.

Important to protect your car from UV rays as well as bad weather.

It's important to protect your car from UV rays as well as bad weather. The Australian sun will cause damage to your car's paint, interior and even tyres.  If you don't use a cover, UV rays will cause the interior of your car to fade. They can also dry out and crack tyres if exposed for a long time.

Other Car Shelters to protect your car.

Car shelters, including steel garages and carports are available in a variety of materials, designs, and sizes. They are well-worth considering for your home if you don’t already have a covered shelter for your car. You can also use a carport as a great patio area for entertaining.

Summary - What Car Cover Should You Buy?

There are many types of car covers that can help you protect your vehicle in a variety of ways. If you want something that will keep your car clean and protected from UV rays, then an indoor/outdoor cover might be a good choice. If you need something waterproof and breathable that won't break the bank, then maybe look into some Stormguard car covers. Full protection from all-weather conditions will require a hail protection cover.

 What Car Cover Should You Buy?

Light-weight weatherproof car cover – Evolution range

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Hail Protection Range – Premium or Ultimate Hail Protection Range

Indoor/outdoor car cover – Evolution Range

Indoor Car Cover – Autotecnica Showroom car cover range.


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