Our Custom Made Double Carports

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Our Custom Made Double Carports 

Our custom-made double carports are the perfect tool to help protect your vehicles and property from the ravages of hail, rain, snow, and cyclonic weather.

What are Carports?

Carports are specialised vehicle covers that provide limited protection from rain and snow. Unlike a garage, carports do not have four enclosed walls and instead use a slanted structure to catch rain and snow without compromising their structural integrity.

What is a Double Carport?

Double carports will protect two vehicles side by side. They are usually larger than ordinary carports yet have the same diagonal design to help strengthen the double carports from environmental hazards.

Our Custom-Made Double Carports under construction

What Kind of Double Carports Do We Provide?

At Car Covers and Shelter, we provide all sizes of custom-made double carports for your specific needs. We even offer double carports that can if you are looking to find a place to install solar for your home.

Our custom-made double carports include off-the-shelf and custom-made:

Double Flat Roof Lite - Off Shelf

Our double flat roof lite is 6.125m x 6.15m unless purchased to survive cyclonic weather, which is 6.125m x 5.65m. It is a stylish, modern skillion roof that adds value to your property and protects against the elements of your vehicles. You can build this carport double kit or contact us to find local installers or builders in your area.

It is resistant to rain, snow, hail, and cyclonic weather (if you purchased the cyclonic weather kit.)

Double Carport Professional Choice

Our double carport professional choice comes in any sizes, including ‘popular’ 4m x 8m, 6m x 6m, 3m x 12m, 8m x 8m, and 9m x 6m and any clearance height. It makes our custom-made double carports perfect for any size you may need on your property.

Best of all, the double carports professional choice can come with a “solar ready” option. As a result, we will build the double carports with the ability to handle the extra weight, providing you space to install solar panels on your property while retaining the structural integrity necessary to protect your vehicles from the elements.

Cantilever Carport-Cantaport Double Carports and Single Carports 

Our cantilever carport-Cantaports come in many kit sizes. Popular measurements are 5.1m x 3m and 5.1m x 2.7m. Cantaports kits can be joined to make double or multi-bay carports. These models have wind ratings to suit most of Australia, making it resistant to the elements alongside snow and rain. You can customise the cantilever carport as a double, triple, or multi-bay carport.

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