Why Protecting Your Car From Hail is So Important

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 Why Protecting Your Car From Hail is So Important

You will want car covers for hail protection for most areas in Australia prone to extreme weather conditions, including cyclones, this is why protecting your car from hail is so important.

What is Hail?

Hail is a form of solid precipitation often confused for ice pellets. Hail will form when lumps of ice are introduced through low surface temperatures. They can strike hard and fast, and any hailstone above 2mm in size is enough to cause severe damage to you and your property.

The Dangers of Hail

Why Protecting Your Car From Hail is So Important  - Dutch Gable carport

As mentioned, hail is a form of solid precipitation, when lumps of irregular ice layer over one another to form a thickened mass. This results in a heavy, jagged, rock-like texture that can dent metal, scratch paint, cut skin, break glass and bruise flesh.

Think of them as tiny, frozen rocks thrown at you with intense speed.

Misconceptions about Hail

Hail is not ice pellets (or sleet) or snow. It is its own thing, and it does not only come in cold weather areas. In fact the “hail season” in Australia is during our hotter months. Low surface temperatures form hail, usually brought about by thunderstorms, cyclones, or strong winds.

So even if you live in a hot climate, the rapid shifting of temperature at night can lead to hailstorms, especially if other hazardous weather conditions are in effect.

How Can You Protect Your Vehicles from Hail?

The most important thing is to find hail coverage for your car. Your home is usually built with the intent to survive such weather conditions. However, not every home has a garage where you can store your vehicles inside–or maybe you have more cars than the standard two-vehicle garage allows.

Whatever the reason, you need some way to provide hail coverage for your car. That is where we come in. At Car Covers and Shelter, we have carports specifically designed to handle extreme weather conditions such as hail.

How Can Our Carports Protect Your Vehicles?

Our carports provide hail coverage for your car because we designed them with these extreme weather conditions in mind. Using Australian steel and ingenuity, we created carports that you can build yourself and install right over your vehicle to protect it from adverse weather conditions.

Carports are like a garage but can provide necessary hail coverage for your car. It makes carports excellent for vehicles outside the garage or elsewhere on the property. Our carports can provide hail coverage for your car, yard, and other property areas where you need protection.

Other Weather Conditions to Keep in Mind - Why Protecting Your Car From Hail is So Important

Alongside hail coverage for your car, we design carports to handle rain, snow, and cyclonic weather conditions. Our carports come in all sizes to help suit your needs, and we can provide all the necessary tools and information to help you install them yourself or find a local builder and installer.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today and get hail coverage for your car now! The last thing you need is a heavy repair bill for a scratched, damaged, or ruined vehicle.

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