Skillion Carports- Flat Roof Carports

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Skillion Carports- Flat Roof Carports

Skillion Carports will normally have a ‘flat roof’ with a 2 or 5 degree roof pitch so Skillion Carports – Flat roof carports are the same. The description “flat roof carport” would mean that there was no run-off for water on the roof so the roof must have a slight pitch or angle.

A Skillion roof carport kit is the least expensive and least complicated addition to add more covered space to your home. Skillion roof carport design makes an excellent low-cost carport but it is also an excellent Patio or Pergola for anywhere that may need some shade or cover.

Double Skillion Carport or Multi-Bay Carports

Skillion carports can come in almost any size you wish. A 3 x 6 metre (or slightly smaller) is one car while a 6 x 6 makes a great double skillion carport. Professional Choice has supplied Skillion Carports of 24 metres length to a local council. This large Skillion roof carporthad a strong enough roof to have solar panels added.  A caravan, boat or RV can be safely kept under a Skillion. Skillion roof carport designs can suit almost any use, just let us know the clearance height you require and you will receive a Skillion roof carport design to suit your needs.    

Skillion Carports- Flat Roof Carports DIY to suit your exact needs

Skillion Carports- Flat Roof Carports - Small skillion carport

The best and strongest Skillion carports in Australia are custom-made by Professional Choice Sheds. You can easily see this simply by the weight (mass) specified on your quote.

A slightly less expensive option for a Skillion Carport kit is to buy the Lysaght Lite Carport kit. This Skillion carport kit is available in single carport or double carport sizes. These can be delivered quickly but they cannot be modified in any way. A 2.4m clearance means that they are fit-for-purpose for most domestic uses. If you need more clearance then you need a stronger custom-made Professional Choice Skillion carport design.

Buy a carport for less – Budget Skillion Carport Kits

The least expensive Carport available in Australia is a Budget Skillion Carport. These flat roof carports come in single carport or double carport sizes. These Skillion carport kits are a good DIY project as they come complete with easy installed base plates. They are easily installed by a  handyman and like all skillion carports supplied by us, they are supplied with downpipes and gutters as well as the silicon for the seals!

 Skillion Carports- Flat Roof Carports Considerations before you buy a carport

  1. Skillion roof carports are pitched by either 2 degrees or 5 degrees. This means they have a low side (where the gutter goes) and a high side. The clearance you need to measure is obviously at the low side for your car, caravan, or boat.  Make sure you order the correct “clearance height” and remember over a 6m length a steeper pitch you might be adding more than a metre to the completed high point of the skillion carport.
  2. The roof fall is also important; which way do you want the water to run off?  There is only one gutter side on a Skillion carport so make sure you have the slope the way you want it. The fall can be right to left or left to right, back to front or front to back. There is a big difference between a 3 x 6 carport and a 6x3 carport. The 3 x 6 carport will run left right or right left but the 6 x 3 carport will run front back or back front.

Flat roof carports – Skillion Roof carport designs

We will always send a proposal to our customers before ordering any custom-made skillion carport. On a few occasions we have been told that the design is ‘wrong’. We have given our customer a design where the roof slopes from right to left but the customer wanted left to right. The simple answer to this because of the skillion roof carport design is simply to turn the plan around! We have had the same comments about front to back and back to front slopes, please just turn the plan around 90 degrees and install that way; it’s the same flat roof carport!

The minimum pitch or angle for a Skillion Carport kit 

The minimum pitch actually depends a bit on the type of material being used. The smallest pitch you can have is 2 degrees but to get this, ‘Trimdek’ by Lysaght has to be used. The other common pitch is a 5 degree pitch. We recommend a 5 degree pitch for all out solar-ready skillion carports. ‘Trimdek” can have the minimum 2 degree pitch or a 5 degree pitch.

The very popular and more ‘traditional’ Custom Orb sheeting must have a minimum 5 degree pitch.  Custom Orb is like the old corrugated iron look.

On a custom-made Skillion carport it is possible to have any pitch or angle but to go outside of 2 or 5 degrees can be extremely costly. Custom-made Skillion roof carport designs will use the available off-the-shelf brackets to keep costs reasonable. These come in 2- and 5-degree designs. A Skillion carport design with say a 12 degree pitch would need an engineer to design all the ‘special’ 12 degree brackets and then they would be specially made for this one-off project. This would be extremely costly.


Best Skillion Carports – Flat Roof Carports

Skillion Carports- Flat Roof Carports - mulit-bay carport

Professional Choice Custom made Skillion Carport

Lysaght Lite Skillion Carports – single and double

Budget Flat roof Carports – single and double

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