The Best Sheds for Your Car

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Protecting your car from the elements is a must so that's why you must look at the best sheds for your car. Nobody wants their vehicle damaged due to a violent thunderstorm or a sudden blast of hail. Tree limbs can land on roofs and animals get into the wiring of the car and tear it up. Your vehicle needs to be protected so that's where a shed for cars comes in handy. 

What Is a Shed for a Car

The Best Sheds for Your Car - single garage

A shed for cars is exactly what it sounds like: A protective place to store your vehicle. These garages are generally built separately from the house and not attached. They have many other uses including general storage and as they are custom-made you have various customisation options, with features ranging from size to a shed mezzanine. Here are the best sheds on the Australian market.

Drive Through Double & Single Garages

Among the most classic custom sheds on the market are Drive Through Double & Single Garages. The kits are available in any custom made size you need but a single and a double garage are illustrated to give you an idea of what is available. Cars can drive through the garages with this designand can be custom-built for any purpose, such as storing cars or warehouse space. These also make perfect industrial buildings so making these sheds a must-buy.

Double Garage Plus Workshop - The Best Sheds for Your Car

If it's the maximum space you want, the Double Garage Plus Workshop will fit the bill. This space offers room for two cars as well as room for a workshop. For the serious handyman who values their DIY space, this shed is available in any custom sizes you want and they are perfect for any needs. With their highest-grade Australian materials, they give you an ideal location for serious work.

Farm Sheds

For storage of larger equipment, these farm sheds are superior. With a more considerable size, they offer far more space for heavy industrial use. Custom designed to any dimensions, you can store your tractor, your cars, or any threshing equipment in a high-quality farm shed.

Standard Features

All of our garage and shed kits come with various features you can trust. Our sheds are made from the sturdiest Australian steel made to the finest standards. Generally they are at least 30% more mass (heavier) than any other sheds. They MUST be to adhere to Australian Standards so these sheds will never blow away! Our sheds come with roller doors that provide the maximum clearance with fully open doors, unlike most manufacturers where the drum hangs over the door. 

Customisable Features - The Best Sheds for Your Car

The real value of these sheds is their versatile ability to customise. With a shed mezzanine, an extra bit of storage space is available vertically while taking up limited space on the ground. These sheds can be built stronger to accommodate solar panels on the roof, which standard sheds do not support. Everything from the colour of the shed to the sheeting on the roof can be altered to your needs.

Your vehicles and equipment matter. A shed for cars provides the ideal way to protect them. Check them out today.

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