Why a Gable Carport is Perfect for Protecting Your Vehicle

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Why a Gable Carport is Perfect for Protecting Your Vehicle

The weather has always been fickle when it comes to homes and cars and that is why a Gable Carport is Perfect for Protecting Your Vehicle. A fractured windshield on a car can cost you a pretty penny to repair, for example, and high winds can easily blow a branch onto a vehicle and cause hundreds to thousands of dollars damage. Those lucky enough to have a garage know how nice it is not to have to worry about unexpected costs, and the lack of weather damage to their vehicle keeps it running smoothly for years.

Why a Gable Carport is Perfect for Protecting Your Vehicle - Gable carport

What about those of us unlucky enough not to have a built-in garage at our homes? Or perhaps those who have multi-car households and can’t fit them all inside? That is where the Gable Carport comes in. Extend the life of your vehicle by protecting it from wind, rain, snow, and even UV rays with the Gable Carport. While extreme weather conditions still have the chance to damage your car, carports reduce that risk.

What Is a Gable Carport?

Gable Carports by Professional Choice are made of high-quality Australian steel and have a patented design sturdy enough to be lined. Most carports available in Australia are not sturdy enough to withstand being lined. Gable Carports take it a step further by offering a solar-ready option that can support the added weight of solar panels. The solar-ready carports support an additional dead load of 20 kg/m2 on the roof for installing solar panels.


Gable Carports protect your vehicles while offering additional covered space in your driveway. Carports even boost your property value by adding a sleek-looking additional parking space. Homeowners with a crowded garage or who lack a garage can expand their space with carports.

Installation and Maintenance - Why a Gable Carport is Perfect for Protecting Your Vehicle

Gable Carports by Professional Choice provide all the materials and documentation you need to install your new carport. If you’re handy, you’ll be able to follow the specified guidelines and directions to do it yourself. You’ll be able to choose between on-slab footings and in-slab footings, and if you need a quote for a personalised dimension set, give us an email at info@carcoversandshelter.com.au or a call at 0421 924 150.

We’re proud to say that the Gable Carports’ construction documentation is comprehensive. From engineering designs and connection details to a bill of materials that includes everything delivered, you’ll be set whether you wish to find an installation company nearby or build it yourself. A deposit covers assistance with the design, documentation, and certification necessary for your local council's approval.

The material of your new Gable Carport is easy to clean with routine maintenance. Choose between a Custom Orb roof, Spandek, or Trimdek roofing. Easily hose or pressure wash to get the carport sparkling clean. 

A Long-Lasting Investment For Your Vehicle

Don’t leave your vehicle exposed to Australia’s harsh environment and weather. For a cost-effective and durable solution to protect your car, Ute, or RV, look into Gable Carports. Not only do our carports offer UV and weather protection, but they also increase your property's curb appeal and value. Choose design options that match your home’s exterior for a complimentary aesthetic that is budget-friendly and built to last.

Why a Gable Carport is Perfect for Protecting Your Vehicle

Don’t settle for flimsy carports and vehicle covers. Invest in a high-quality Gable Carport you can trust today.

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