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On this home page you will find more than car covers, you will find a unique collection of car covers, motorcycle covers, Car Bubbles, Custom Made Car Covers, flat roof carports, gable roof carports, dutch roof carports, hip roof carports, skillion carports and cantilever carports. All come in various sizes so its your choice - single carport, double carport, triple carport or quadruple carport or very large carport.

Professional Choice Carports are simply the best quality carport available in Australia and  can made made to be "solar ready", strong enough to add solar panels to the roof.

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You will also find a selection of car bubbles or car capsules as well as motorbike capsules or motorbike bubbles to protect your vehicles.

We are proud to supply some of the best available in Australia through:

Autotecnica car covers

Motorcycle covers by Autotecnica

Autotecnica SUV covers and 4x4 or 4WD covers

Custom Made Car Covers

Professional Choice Sheds and Carports - our own exceptional brand.

Lysaght carports

Cantaport cantilever carports and awnings

Inflatable Car Bubbles

Best of all, we have Australia's first Solar roof carport kit. Solar Ready and Solar carports have been slow in coming to Australia but with the inevitable uptake of electric vehicles a Solar-Ready Carport seems an obvious future choice.

Solar-ready carports are obviously the green choice for our planet's future. With your new electric car, it makes sense to have a car shelter that will charge your car for free - your own solar power carport.

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Carports come in easy to install DIY carport kits. If you need help finding an installer, contact us by email and we can usually recommend someone in your area. It's also easy to find someone yourself - to get 3 quotes from qualified builders in your area click here. Just enter your postcode and type "install a carport kit" and you'll soon have quotes! Remember in the quote detail to say - "little to no cutting or boring, just screw and bolt together"!

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