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The widest choice of carport types available in Australia

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Carport kits for skillion carports

Carport kits for Gable Carports

Carport Kits for Dutch gable shelters

Carport kits for Hip roof shelters

Carport kits for Cantilever shelters

Lysaght Double Flat Roof Carport Kits (Ready Made)   Single Lite Lysaght 👍

Budget flat roof Carport kits   Budget Double Carport Kit 👍

Budget Gable Carport Kit    👍

Portable Carport kits  

Portable Shade tents

Car Covers and Shelter is the only place in Australia you can purchase any type of carport, the widest choice of carports types available in Australia.

Solar Ready and Solar Carports

Here you will find Australia's first solar carport kits, the only carport you can buy that will eventually pay for itself. Why not help our environment. As well as Single and Double Solar Carports, we now offer our Professional Choice Range of Solar-Ready Skillion (flat roof) and Gable Carports. The first in Australia to offer you a Custom Made carport engineered to take the weight of solar panels. The choice of solar panels and inverter is yours; the best high-quality 'commercial quality' range on the market - Save $'000 by choosing solar ready!

Cantilever Cantaport kits

You will also find a range of Cantilever Carports, unlike many cheaper Chinese versions, these are the original Japanese design built to Australian standards. Carports are delivered for the same price. Sydney carports, Melbourne carports, Brisbane carports and Adelaide carports, almost anywhere in Australia.

Lysaght Carports - BlueScope Steel Carport Kits


Better quality, less expensive and heavier carports from Professional Choice

For the more 'traditional' buyer you can protect your car with the Lysaght or Professional Choice Australian built range of Dutch gable or Hip Roof carports. If you are looking for something less expensive, it's hard to beat our "budget' range of flat roof and gable roof single and double carports. All great for protecting your vehicles. Also great for a verandah, gazebo or patio kit in all easy do-it-yourself carport kit packs.

Portable Carports or Shade Tents

DIY Carports

There is a wide range of DIY carports in all popular sizes, styles and prices. These high quality, all Australian made and designed carports make excellent Garden Patios, pool shade or Gazebos. They can be erected in any part of your property where you require shade. You have a wide choice of Carport Kit type. Flat roof, hip roof, dutch gable or traditional gable carport. These are available as Custom Design to your specifications. All from from the Professional Choice or Lysaght range.

Made-to-order Budget Carports are 3 WEEK DELIVERY

Custom built Lysaght and Professional Choice carports are 10 days -3 WEEK DELIVERY.

Installation Services - The widest choice of carports types available in Australia

With the exception of solar carport kits, all other carports come in easy to install DIY carport kits. If you need help finding an installer, contact us by email and we can usually recommend someone in your area.

It's also easy to find someone yourself - to get 3 quotes from qualified builders in your area click here. It's sometimes easier to use Hi Pages and find a cheaper local handyman service - enter your postcode and type "install a carport kit" and you'll soon have quotes! Remember in the quote detail to say - "no cutting or boring, just screw and bolt together"!

The widest choice of carports types available in Australia. From cheap carports to the very best is available through Car Covers and Shelter.