Professional Choice Carports and Sheds

Professional Choice Carports and Sheds are simply the best carports available in Australia.

The fact that they are 30% - 40% more in mass (weight) than any others should tell you something. Available in Skillion, Gable, Dutch Gable or Hip Roof design.

Ask for a quote and your proposal will show you exactly what your layout is and describe the quality BlueScope steel being used.

With professional Choice, you design your own carport or shed to any size you want! Built strong enough to support retrofit of solar panels to turn your shed or carport into an energy-producing garden space!

Most sheds and carports in Australia are much lighter than Professional Choice and barely capable of holding their own weight! You can't safely add anything as most are below our existing Australian Standards. You'll never see a Professional Choice Carport or Shed blow away in a high wind as other do.

Installation is so easy!

State-of-the-art engineering makes installation a breeze. Problem in installation? Simply scan the QR Code with any smartphone camera and watch the video for that connection. No confusion. No mistakes. No downtime.

Professional Choice is the strongest commercially available range of carports available in Australia, and almost unbelievable as this may sound, probably the only carports made to Australian Standard!

Solar-Ready allows a 20kg per square m load which will be necessary for any cladding. Be surprised at how affordable Professional Choice is - Simply the best at the best prices.