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The CCS (Car Covers and Shelter range) of affordable Metal Garages - DIY Portal Frame Garages


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      • You want a  quality, affordable Australian-made garage?
      • You don't want a cheap Chinese import that may blow away?
      • You want to know that each garage order will be Engineered to Site Specific :- your address for local council application - All engineering and relevant site specific documentation for local authority application will be supplied with all orders.
      • You want an Aussie guarantee of 15 years mimimum?
      • You want an easy DIY instructions manual in Aussie English?
      • Roller doors provide that additional strength you need in windy conditions.
      • Only available for Region A or Region B - non-cyclonic QLD, NSW, ACT & Vic.
      • Note : with a roller door you lose 300mm height on drum roll -  A 2.4m height is a 2.1m door opening; a 2.7m height is a 2.4m opening

      The new CCS range of single garages, double garages, triple garages and double with workshop should have you covered!  We offer unbelievable value for money on your new Aussie metal garage.

      The CCS range of economy residential garages are made from Australian Standard Steel, incorporating STRONGER C-Sections – proven to be up to 15% stronger than the equivalent industry standards. They come with roller door(s) and with the option of either 2.4m, 2.7m or even a huge 3m height for the biggest caravan or RV shelter.

      Offering a choice of 14-colours, you will also have the option to add a window, Personal access side door and skylight.


      You get free delivery to the local depot, about 90% of all Australians have one near by:- local depot (check here) (Not available in WA or Tasmania)

      Due to the sheer size of garages and carports, you will need to request a quote if you would like your steel building kit delivered to your home.

      CCS has all the popular sizes for residential metal garages and garage workshops. Available in single, double or  triple DIY metal garage designs with a variety of popular inclusions.

      If you just need to house just one vehicle, though, you should look at our Single Garages. 

      If you would like the engineering and relevant site specific documentation prior to completing your order a $500.00 deposit will be required to design this detail. The $500 is non-refundable but will be subtracted from the cost of your garage.